Are you ready to get risqué with your partner this February 14? We round up sexy gift ideas for you and your special someone — so you both can have a Valentine’s Day to remember.

Sexy Gift Ideas for Him

A new set of boxers

You may not think men care about looking sexy in their underwear as much as women do, but giving him a new set of boxers and having him model it can make him feel like the stud that he is.

Funny but provocative candles

If you want to set the mood in the bedroom, having a candle-lit environment is always an option; bonus points if they’re scented! You can give your man a jar of scented candles with something naughty written on it. You’ll find plenty of those on Amazon alone. But if you already have a go-to adult store that sells the same item, that works too!

A fine bottle of whisky (or other types of alcohol)

Most men love being recognized as a gentleman — only to turn into “a freak in the sheets.” However, before you ask for his freaky side to come out, you might want to satiate the gentleman in him first. Gift him a nice and classy bottle of an alcoholic beverage of his choice. Treat him like the dashing debonair that he’d like to be — so you might as well pour him a shot yourself.

Bondage cuffs

Statistically, women tend to go for men who are dominant in bed, but that’s not to say that it’s what his role should be all the time. This Valentine’s Day, you can give your “Christian Grey” a break and have him be the submissive one (if he allows). Get him bondage handcuffs and have him watch every single pleasurable thing you do to his body — but remember to agree on a safe word beforehand.

Aphrodisiac weed strains

Turn your “214” into “420” by purchasing a weed strain that is said to sexually stimulate a person. It’s said that the Green Crack, Grandaddy Purple, and Girl Scout Cookies, are a few of the aphrodisiac weed strains — but it’s still best that you get the perfect one for your man (or yourself) from a trustworthy dispensary.

Sexy Gift Ideas for Her

Fetish lingerie

They say “men are simple creatures” but it doesn’t take a lot to make a woman feel sexy and loved either — you can buy her fetish lingerie that she’ll feel comfortable wearing. The only thing that might take a lot, however, is the time you might take taking them off of her. But hey, if neither of you mind tearing a strap or two to get to the bottom of it, why don’t you do just that?

Sexy toys

Women have different erogenous zones. If you know her well enough and which part (or parts) gets her to climax, you can purchase adult toys that will stimulate your partner’s orgasmic needs. There are vibrators made for clitoral stimulation, some are made to hit the g-spot, and there are the “rabbit” vibrators that can do both.


We don’t know for sure if chocolate really is an aphrodisiac (although there’s a viral trend on TikTok where people are purchasing “sex chocolates” — try at your own risk). But what most can agree on is that chocolate is a sexy dessert! Studies show that chocolate consumption can elevate one’s serotonin. So if your woman has a sweet tooth — and you give her a delicious set of chocolates, you’re probably likely to get frisky with her this Valentine’s Day.

Tea blends

It’s near impossible to turn on a woman if she’s not in the right headspace — stress and anxiety are major “c*ck-blockers.” Therefore, one of your possible options in preventing that is by buying her tea blends that have soothing properties. Some blends are said to have aphrodisiac qualities; like hibiscus, rose petals, cardamom, saffron, etc.

Massage oil

While you’re at it, you might as well give your woman an erogenous massage. This will not only soothe her tense muscles, but it’ll also make her feel sexy as you’re showing how much you love having your hands on every inch of her body. Buy her a massage oil that smells good and is also relaxing.


Valentine’s Day dates don’t always end after a romantic dinner. Sometimes, it’s just the start. So be prepared to have your partner feeling sexy with these sexy gift ideas listed above. But keep in mind — there must be a safe word if you’re practicing BDSM and other rough activities. Lastly, make sure your partner is comfortable doing or wearing these gift ideas you’ll be giving this Valentine’s Day!

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