Tropical weather arrived in spring, and summer seemed to last almost until Halloween. Heat waves struck multiple times in fall. Cold warnings were issued during unusually warm December days. And unusually warm ocean water temps remained at spring levels through December.

It was a crazy year for weather. And El Niño hasn't even sent storms our way yet.

The World Meteorological Association has already stated that this year “is likely to be the warmest on record” for the planet. Los Angeles did its part.

Here are the reasons 2015 was the strangest weather year ever in L.A:

10. It was hot from nearly the beginning. At the end of winter, in early March, Los Angeles experienced a heat wave with highs reaching the 90-degree mark. Remember, we're talking about winter. Of course it ended up being the warmest March on record in L.A.

9. And then it got cold — in spring. It turned out that spring in L.A. got cooler and cooler, and by June the National Weather Service announced that we experienced a “reverse meteorological spring.” May was cooler than March.

8. Hurricane season started before summer. Before summer even officially arrived, hurricanes started showing up off the West Coast of North America. Hurricanes are rare in our part of the world anyway. It hadn't been since 1939 that Southern California saw the remnants of a hurricane so early in the season, forecasters said.

7. It got wet in summer. When summer finally arrived, it brought us mad heat but also strange, moist weather as a result of all that tropical storm and hurricane action. It brought us not only waves but lightning and rain on the beach.

6. Summer lasted forever. We hate to see summer end. Except this year. It went on and on like a bad movie. Well into October we were asking, “WTF is up with this heat?” Well into October we saw high temps in SoCal reach 100 degrees. 

5. And ever. By late October we lamented that “summer's not leaving us alone.” At least high temps were only in the 90s at some locations at the time. Another month — October — set a record for the warmest ever in parts of SoCal.

4. It was hot even as the holidays approached. As Thanksgiving loomed, Southern California experienced — you guessed it — record high temperatures

3. Snow greeted a November heat wave. Just before Thanksgiving, after a heat wave baked our turkeys, Mother Nature sent snow to the local mountains. Really.

2. It was finally cold — and hot. December came and — thank God — we finally got some genuine cold weather. We're talking freezing low temperatures in some areas. Except that, at the same time, a high-pressure system moved in and created temperatures near 80 degrees in some parts of Los Angeles.

1. Rain came in the middle of a historic drought, and it felt normal. Finally, as the year sees its final days, a pair of storms aimed their precipitation at SoCal. After a wet weekend, more rain was expected Thursday. Now, we await El Niño.

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