1. Is it ever a bad idea for rappers to open their video with shots of them buying 40's at the liquor store?

2. Nate Dogg> a lump of aluminum foil> Akon?

3. Is the only thing better than a G-Funk classic from 1993, a video of said G-Funk classic interspersed with clips from the John Singleton opus, Poetic Justice?

4. When Singleton decided to cast Q-Tip as Janet Jackson's slain boyfriend,Markell, and 2Pac as her new boyfriend, Lucky, was he foreshadowing the eventual demise of the left-field Native Tongues movement in exchange for the hard-core posturing of gangster rap, or have I just succumbed to the oh-so-meta-temptation of smoking indo smoke while listening to indo smoke?

5 . Is the reason for Mista Grimm's complete and utter disappearance from rap post-93, simply the result of his adopting an east coast accent and changing his name to U-God?

6. If you could obtain indo smoke capable of making you levitate like Mista Grimm, would your life would be a richer and fuller place?

7. Was the entire second half of Half Baked derived from the plot of this video?

8. Have scientists yet discovered the reason why video ho's got exponentially hotter from the year 1996 on? Or at the very least can't a lazy American studies major write a paper on this topic and send it to me?

9. Did Mista Grimm have a drug problem or was he just deeply awesome?

10. Is “Indo Smoke” the greatest stoner rap song ever? And if it isn't how is it possible that I can't remember half of college, yet I can somehow clearly remember 100 percent of this song's lyrics? Take that Nancy Reagan.

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