Nostalgia can be a powerful emotion, particularly when it's tied to our childhood. Many of us can recall a time before on-demand TV, when we had to wait for those Saturday morning and after-school windows to watch our beloved cartoons. And as much as we loved to lose ourselves in the stories, we can recite the lyrics to the theme songs at a moment's notice despite not hearing them for years.

Here are 10 of the very best. Some of them are epic, bombastic bangers, and others are quirky, catchy gems. Some are hilarious, others super-serious. But all are awesome songs.

1. Jamie and the Magic Torch

2. Defenders of the Earth

3. Masters of the Universe

4. Bananaman

5. Animaniacs

6. Spiderman

7. Scooby Doo

8. Godzilla

9. Thundercats

10. M.A.S.K.

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