1. Selene Luna, the living embodiment of Betty Boop. She not only has an Epi-Lady look and a Velvet Hammer smile, she has an act.

2. Diamanda Galás, black-veiled and wailing at the grand piano, in the premiere of her Defixiones, Will and Testament at Royce Hall. Unlike your average Dead Can Dance fan, she dedicated her look to the Armenian, Assyrian and Anatolian Greek genocides.

3. Amanda Lepore. The post-op transsexual’s nude look, accessorized with pumps and matching purse, was a display of surgical virtuosity that outdid lion-lady socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein outdoing French plastic-surgery performance artist Orlan.

4. Björk’s Oscar appearance in Marjan Pejoski’s swan dress. It was magical and sweet — what was everyone so plucked about?

5. Loyandford’s Chinatown boutique, offering machine-gun-print knee-high stockings, unraveling knit dresses and studded men’s nylon bikini panties. Don’t let the lack of hanger appeal fool you.

6. Osseus Labyrint’s bald amazon Hannah Sim, modeling Rick Owens’ Depression-era luxury line at Les Deux Cafés.

7. Margaret Cho. Her Fargo look, complete with fur Sasquatch boots and grease-monkey overalls, was something only the Notorious C-H-O could pull off.

8. The Otter, a new gay icon. Neither fat enough to be a bear nor hairy enough to be a wolf, an otter pup is cute and silky smooth to the touch. Last seen prowling around the Faultline and Cuffs.

9. Son of Bunny. I’d heard rumors that the famously differently-abled pre-op trannie and Marilyn Manson muse the Goddess Bunny had a teenage son in Texas, and now I’ve seen him with my own eyes. Begat on a male vacation, he is very handsome, in a Covenant House/Children of the Night sort of way.

10. The New Rico Suave: East Hollywood’s Armenian junior gangsters — new black Lincoln Town Cars with gold trim a must.

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