1. Yun Bai The recent New York transplant paints and collages sweet things out of nasty. Look closely at those flowers.

2. Lecia Dole-Recio Intricate, rhythmic structures as much cobbled together from scraps of cardboard or Scotch tape as painted and drawn.

3. Amir Fallah Editor of art-style alternazine Beautiful Decay, Fallah matches the obsessiveness of the ’tooners and taggers his mag features in his own imaginary landscapes.

4. Renee Lotenero Excavating patterned interiors (tile, linoleum) and putting them back together all different, she’s a reconstructivist in a deconstructionist discourse.

5. Ian Patrick Tripping out on Japanese manga, he morphs all the limbs and robes and genitalia into blobs and landscapes and sea monsters.

6. Antonio Adriano Puleo Elaborately patterned conflations of images stylized from nature, a kind of neo-art nouveau for the Ecstasy set.

7. Analia Saban Pays props to painting by unraveling canvases and taking apart modern masterpieces, making templates of “typical” brushstrokes by Miró, Matisse, de Kooning, et al.

8. Holly Topping Unlikely old-masterish renditions of herself, dressed to the nines, amid jungle animals and Neanderthals. Mel Ramos meets Manet.

9. Robert Wechsler The Santa Barbara–based photographer’s shot of a ring of shopping carts, out in a supermarket parking lot early one morning, was one of the keeper images of the year.

10. Joe Goode His art school degree may be almost a half-century old, but this redoubtable para-Pop painter’s first show after a fire consumed his studio was of exquisitely composed photos of the wreckage. Talk about re-emergence.

Reasons There’s No Doug Harvey Art List

1. Flu

(But see his Outsider Music list on page 41.)

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