10 Dating and Relationship Experts to Watch in 2023

For some people, dating comes very easily, but others need a bit of help to find the right person for them. The dating world is quite the jungle and it’s not easy to navigate, which is why dating and relationship coaches exist. 

These wonderful experts are passionate about helping people connect and they understand that a lot more goes into dating than meets the eye. It’s not just about browsing the market and showing up to dates, it’s also about working on yourself. 

If you struggle with dating anxiety and you want to have a better experience, here are some of the dating and relationship coaches that will make a difference in your love life. 

Jaime Bronstein

Jaime Bronstein LCSW, Licensed Relationship Therapist and Author of “MAN*ifesting: A Step-By-Step Guide to Attracting the Love That Is Meant For You,” is The Relationship Expert you’ve been looking for. Jaime is the host of “Love Talk Live” on LA Talk Radio, and she shares her relationship advice on media outlets such as On Air With Ryan Seacrest, ABC, CBS, and NBC News, Forbes, The New York Times, USA Today, People Magazine, Newsweek and Thrive Global.

Jaime has a BA in psychology from Boston University, a master’s degree from New York University, and a certificate in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. Jaime specializes in empowering clients to become aware that they were born to find the right love for them. 

Jaime has worked with celebrities and people from all walks of life. One thing her clients have in common is they want to live life to the fullest. Jaime helps them achieve that by enabling them to heal from their past, learn to love themselves unconditionally, and manifest love or improve the romantic relationship they’re already in.

Through sessions in-person or via Zoom, Jaime helps people change their lens of perception to heal unresolved issues and shift negative narratives and limiting beliefs about themselves; she teaches that life happens for us, not to us. Jaime inspires her clients to know that everything in life is an opportunity for growth, evolution, and upliftment.

Ege Reynolds 

Founder of Charming Man, Ege Reynolds is a former Software Engineer turned Dating and Life Coach for analytical men who want to attract and date women authentically. Ege sees dating as a vehicle to help men step into their higher selves, and that’s the basis of his REEL Attraction System, which helps clients transform holistically to find the right partners. 

Ege is passionate about working with Engineers, Finance and Accounting Professionals, and Entrepreneurs to help them become the type of men women are naturally attracted to. He helps them accomplish that through authentic expression, leadership, empathy, and relaxation, which is what Ege’s REEL Attraction System is all about. 

The REEL Attraction System is a 4-month transformational program for analytical men who want to take complete control of their dating life. As a dating coach, Ege’s approach is mainly focused on self-improvement. After all, stepping into your higher self is the best way to build intimate relationships with women. 

Dr. John Ryan DeOca

Founded and owned by Dr. John Ryan DeOca, The Relationship Prescriber helps people self-actualize and achieve ultimate satisfaction in their personal and professional relationships. Dr. John is a relationship expert that helps clients develop their self-awareness, learn to regulate emotions, and work on their communication styles to have more successful interactions with others. 

Dr. John has been working in this field since 2017 and he stumbled into it after working as a plastic surgeon for several years. He has found his ultimate purpose and is passionate about offering unique services that help clients transcend multiple types of relationships. Not just in a personal setting, but also in a professional one. 

His approach to relationship coaching is based on challenging clients to examine what they bring to their relationships and find the gaps. After that, they start working to fill those gaps. Dr. John is also a firm believer that relationships are a reflection of us, so we must invest time in our self-improvement if we hope to develop valuable friendships, relationships, work relationships, and long-term partnerships. 

Dr. John is a board-certified nurse practitioner and nurse coach, so he uses that background to help people repair relationships and make them more rewarding and fulfilling. He also loves to share his knowledge, so he’s a mental health and leadership professor at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Overall, Dr. John approaches relationship coaching from a holistic perspective and helps clients transform. 

Kevin Thibodeaux 

Kevin Thibodeaux, warmly known as Coach Kev, is a talented Dating & Relationship Coach and the owner of From Casual to Serious. Kevin started his career as a Business Change Consultant and Entrepreneur. Since he wanted to achieve professional and financial stability, he was fully immersed in the corporate world. 

Kevin felt the need to reach financial and professional success before focusing on finding a partner. As such, he didn’t put much time or effort into dating and relationships. Recognizing that relationships are about emotional maturity, communication, conflict resolution, trust, love, and many other aspects, he felt that he fell short in those areas. There was a lot of personal growth that he needed to do outside of his career. Otherwise, his dating life would remain the same. So, he started to work with therapists, coaches, mentors, friends and family to further his personal development. Through this journey, he found his true passion, which is to help individuals envision their ideal romantic futures and achieve them. 

Kevin developed the unique Date Smarter methodology of discovery, awareness, and choice, which empowers clients to create and lead more fulfilling lives. His approach is focused on helping clients discover, clarify, and align with their true desires, encouraging self-discovery, providing effective solutions and strategies, and holding them accountable. As someone who’s actively dating, Kevin has first-hand insight and understands the challenges along with the different technologies involved, which allows him to offer invaluable coaching. 

Jacqueline Colette

Jacqueline Colette is the Founder and CEO of Beside Every Boss, a coaching and matchmaking service focused on helping entrepreneurs collapse the timeline to find their life partner.

With a consulting background in mastermind design, team dynamics, and B2B collaborations, JC has been exposed to over a decade of behind-the-scenes conversations. This insight into the real aches and dreams of entrepreneurs has informed her unique approach with clients. “Entrepreneurs are mission-driven; they tend to sacrifice their personal lives to prioritize making an impact,” she says. “Understanding the mental and emotional journey of founders has been key to our success.”   

In addition to her expertise in connection psychology, profiling tests, and compatibility theory, it’s JC’s discernment on where clients spend their time that ultimately leads them to finding their person faster. Whether you enroll in services, attend a curated event, or watch free content online, Beside Every Boss helps you get clear on your ideal partner, build the foundation for a relationship that lasts, and be loved for who you really are. 

Marla and Jami Keller

Intimacy Mentors and Relationship Coaches Marla and Jami Keller are the Co-Founders and CEOs of Bring Back Intimacy, where they leverage over 28 years of experience (56+ years combined!) to help individuals and couples achieve real joy in their relationships. They offer dedicated mentoring as an alternative to conventional counseling, which has a 43% chance of ending in divorce. 

By contrast, Marla and Jami’s approach has a 97% success rate and they consistently meet or exceed clients’ expectations. Even couples who are already separated or divorced find their happiness together after working with this amazing duo. Bring Back Intimacy offers transformational results in 90 days or less through different services.

Including the Intimacy [Re]Igniter 2:2 Journey, which offers 2:2 couples mentoring for 4 months in-person or online; the Intimacy [Re]Igniter Group Journey, which is a 6-month weekly group with monthly video sessions; and the Bring Back Intimacy Retreats, which offer a years’ worth of couples therapy in 7 days or less in a variety of locations. 

Marla and Jami understand how frustrating it is to waste time and money to still end up in mediocre relationships, so they’ve made sure to develop an effective method. With it, they help individuals and couples replace their broken foundations with stronger ones that can withstand the test of time and serve as the stage for an honest, deep, intimate, connected, and joyful relationship. Visit their website above to learn more about their services!

Blaine Anderson

Expert Dating Coach for Men, Blaine Anderson, is the founder and CEO of Dating By Blaine. Blaine’s mission is to curb the increasing isolation men are experiencing globally by helping them build stronger confidence in their masculinity and vulnerability, learn to better market themselves to women, and find exciting romantic partners. 

Blaine has been involved in relationship coaching since 2020 and, throughout her career, she has helped over 1,500 men land their ideal partners. 

Blaine’s free advice is consumed by millions of men on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, and she’s been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, and Psychology Today.

Blaine’s coaching programs include her Texting Operating System course, her Dating Masterclass, and her 1×1 coaching program Jumpstart Your Dating Life. Each offers effective tools and transformative advice to help men thrive in the dating world. 

As a woman, Blaine can provide valuable insights into how things work and show you the ropes like no one else. More importantly, she offers results and her long list of testimonials is more than enough proof of that. She’s the most-followed dating coach for men on Instagram and that’s not a reputation just anyone can build. Blaine means business and any man can benefit from her dating coaching programs to finally achieve their romantic goals. 

Sevil Eskicioglu Ozkal

Sevil Eskicioglu is a renowned relationship and life coach, Kundalini Yoga teacher, and Reiki Master. She’s also a well-respected writer for two of the major newspapers in Europe and the founder of Sevil Eskicioglu Coaching. After experiencing countless heartbreaks and grappling with profound existential questions about life and relationships, Sevil embarked on a transformative journey. This odyssey led her to discover the truth about her manifesting power as well as her true passion for teaching others to create their dream lives.

Sevil’s one-of-a-kind coaching approach is rooted in her extensive training and expertise across multiple disciplines, honed over 15+ years of dedicated study and practice. Her training with acclaimed life coaches and spiritual teachers such as Gabrielle Bernstein, Marianne Williamson, and Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, has given her a depth of knowledge and insight that she brings to every coaching session. Sevil also holds a degree in Engineering and an MBA, which allows her to merge analytical thinking with spirituality to help her clients manifest their desires – whether it be love, happiness, or abundance.

Passionate about empowering women worldwide, Sevil offers personalized one-on-one coaching to help them manifest their dreams. Having manifested her dream life, including her husband and fulfilling career, Sevil knows what’s possible for everyone with the right guidance. Sevil’s contagious high energy and unwavering belief in her clients inspire them to strive for what they truly deserve, never settling for less.

If you are ready to manifest your dream relationship, you can connect with her at [email protected].

Alexandra Stockwell, MD

Alexandra Stockwell, MD, aka “The Intimacy Doctor,” is widely known for her ability to catalyze immediate and profound shifts in high-achieving couples who want it all–genuine emotional connection, sensual passion, and erotic intimacy.

A physician coach and Intimate Marriage Expert, Alexandra is the best-selling author of “Uncompromising Intimacy,” host of The Intimate Marriage Podcast, as well as a wife of 27 years and a mother of 4. Couples who work with her discover the key to passion, fulfillment, intimacy, and success isn’t compromise–it’s being unwilling to compromise–because when both people feel free to be themselves, the relationship is juicy, erotically alive, and deeply nourishing.

For over 20 years Alexandra has shown men and women how to bring pleasure and purpose into all aspects of their relationship: from the daily grind of running a household to intimate communication and ecstatic experiences in the bedroom–all while achieving extraordinary professional results. High-performing individuals who are successful in their careers (but can’t say the same for their romantic relationships) work with her to create the quality of relationship they long for. She offers private relationship and intimacy coaching, group programs, and independent study courses. www.alexandrastockwell.com

Shan Merchant

“Couples therapy is the hardest type of therapy to be in,” says Shan Merchant, UK-based Imago couples therapist and dating coach. “In individual therapy you can paint me a one-sided picture of your relationship. When I have you and your partner in front of me doing the Imago practices, I see the 3-dimensional, living sculpture. I see every angle. It’s raw. It’s real. It hurts, and it heals.”

Every day in her couples practice, Shan sees despair, loneliness, contempt and deeply entrenched patterns playing out between partners who were once drunk on love for one another. “When couples come to me it’s usually after an affair, or after years mired in what we call the ‘Power Struggle’ stage of your relationship.” 

Shan helps couples to realize the Power Struggle is inevitable in every relationship – that this kind of crisis is actually the doorway to Real Love. “But most couples out there don’t dare open the door. I get it! It’s scary and it takes courage. The reward is true intimacy and connection.” 

Shan, originally from New Zealand, was inspired to become a certified Imago couples therapist after rescuing her own relationship with partner Josephine from a particularly gnarly Power Struggle. She says “The couples who become an unstoppable team again are the ones who decide they’ll do whatever it takes.” 

With a Master’s degree in Psychology, Shan leverages her wealth of experience and knowledge as a therapist to help people in all types of relationships, including LGBTQ+, Polyamorous and Neurodiverse.

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