Does your cat eat better than you do? Some of these kitties at the recent Santa Monica Cat Show do. I asked their respective humans what is the fanciest, tastiest, nommiest thing they feed their cats. Keep reading to learn what they said, or 10 Cats Who Eat Better Than You.

10. Raw beef heart:

This cat is a Japanese bobtail. Her owners Shirley Jensen and Zaneta McCain feed her raw beef heart, chopped up. Does it satisfy the cat's inner serial killer? Does anything?

9. Grilled chicken with cream cheese and spinach:

This cat, Cupid, is an 11 month-old Cornish Rex. He steals spinach leaves when his owner Lisa Kuta is eating salad. He eats only the leaf part and discards the stem. Kuta knows he's been stealing spinach when she sees stems lying around the house. “He's a little thief,” she says.

8. Freeze-dried duck heart:

Beamer and Calypso are Oriental Shorthair cats. Their owner Dick Olsen feeds them bites of duck heart. Nevermind where the ducks come from.

7. Baby food:

“Only Beech Nut,” says owner Sibyl Zaden. “Never Gerbers. Because Beech Nut contains only chicken and fluid and no cornstarch.” Her cat is named Prom Queen. The cat's mother is named Drama Queen. Of course it is.

6. Lean cuts of New York steak and turkey, and Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia:

One of these cats is named Effphasis. She's a Somali. Both the cats are. I think. It wasn't entirely clear because their owner, Sara, did not speak. Her friend or maybe husband, the guy on the left, spoke for her. “They know what costs $3 a pound,” he noted. The ice cream is for dessert. Obviously.

5. Carrots:

These cats are fluffy, cute little $1,000 Persian kittens. They don't have names yet. As if dressing them up like court jesters wasn't torture enough, their owner, who declines to give her name, occasionally feeds them carrots.

4. Boiled crab legs:

This cat's name is Indiana Jones, Jr. He's a baby Maine Coon. His owner Mary feeds him crab legs. The good news is she buys the crab legs on sale. The bad news is she peels them for her cat. Or perhaps that was the other way around.

Who wants to eat whose face more? Yesssh you do! Yesh you do!

Who wants to eat whose face more? Yesssh you do! Yesh you do!

3. Baked chicken and turkey, unseasoned:

“She's on a very strict diet,” says owner Dianne. Dianne's cat's name is Sally. She's an Abyssinian, and yes, she's kind of a big deal.

2. Raw beef and other meats from France:

This cat is French. Its owners are also French. Their names (the owners) are Gaspar and Frederic. Like their cat, they spoke very little English, but managed to convey that they were in town for the cat show and that yes, their red tabby Persian enjoys meat.

Phoebe and her human

Phoebe and her human

1. Fancy Feast cat food:

This cat's name is Phoebe. She killed the competition (not literally) in the Household Pet category and took home the first place prize. “She won't eat anything but cat food!” says her owner. “I've made her roast chicken and grilled salmon, but Phoebe won't eat it. She's like, mom, that's for you.”

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