Rehabs are so in right now. In January we saw pop stars (or former pop stars?) AJ McClean and Aaron Carter check in as well as our favorite porn star aficionado Charlie Sheen (yeah, he might not be a musician, but he might as well be an honorary member of Motley Crue given the way he parties). We know that some musicians check into rehab to help with their addictions, like John Grant. While others are ushered in by their management teams as a media moment, like teen popstar Demi Lovato who was recently admitted to rehab after punching her backup dancer in the face. Publicists typically like to create a narrative of redemption for their artists, so they put them into rehab to show a public repentance for their party sins. It's all “Scarlet Letter” and shit. We were curious about who else has jumped on the rehab train, so here are 10 people in the music industry who have been to rehab.

10. Dave Mustaine

Hetfield and Mustaine as pups

Hetfield and Mustaine as pups

When you're fired from Metallica for drinking too much, you know you have a problem. But that didn't stop Megadeth's Dave Mustaine from staying on the sauce. His lyrics with Megadeth often addressed his substance abuse problems. He has been in and out of rehab for years, until recently when he became a born again Christian.

9. Courtney Love

Courtney Love's rehab visits are as regular as the seasons. Some rural communities actually time their winter harvest to each time Love checks in. Just when Love starts looking happy and healthy, she descends back into chaos.

8. Stephen Tyler

After 12 years sober, the Aerosmith singer and American Idol judge fell back into addiction in 2009. He recently told Howard Stern about his decision to enter rehab in 2009 after a fall from the stage: “I was using and fell off the stage. I was snorting fuckin' Lunesta. I got 19 stitches, broke my shoulder. No one in the band called me for 27 weeks. It about killed me.”

7. Pete Doherty

Pete Doherty was once unapologetic about his drug use, which seemed to fuel his froth and sweat spewing performances. He's been in and out of rehab numerous times. His manager once said once said: “The only time I can be sure he's not doing heroin or crack is when he's in rehab or prison or asleep.”

6. Britney Spears

02/16/07: Never forget. It was the day Britney Spears shaved her head just 24 hours after leaving rehab. Not sure that was part of the treatment plan.

5. Whitney Houston

Whitney's sink.

Whitney's sink.

Last year Houston denied allegations that she was heading back into rehab, but the singer has struggled with addiction in the past. In 2005, she entered rehab after her life with then husband Bobby Brown was the subject of the oversharing reality show, “Being Bobby Brown.”

4. Ozzy Osbourne

Osbourne says he was tricked by his wife Sharon to go into rehab during the 1980's. He thought the Betty Ford Clinic would be quite different: “I thought it was going to be guys in smoking jackets and bow-ties with one leg crossed over the other, leaning against the bar, now stir the olive in your martini, take a sip, curl your moustache and then have a ciggy – like a school of drinking.”

3. Amy Winehouse

There was a good portion of the middle 2000's where Amy Winehouse looked like the Cryptkeeper with a wig. She's been in and out of rehab, which makes the lyrics of her most popular song “Rehab” even more awkward: “They tried to make me go to rehab, I said, 'No, no, no.'”

2. Boy George

Sweeping NY's streets after falsely reporting a crime in 2006; Credit: AP

Sweeping NY's streets after falsely reporting a crime in 2006; Credit: AP

When the OG Karma Chameleon faced a cocaine possession charge in 2006, he was sent to rehab. A year later he was charged with imprisonment of an male escort who refused to have sex with him. Is there a rehab for that?

1. Scott Weiland

Wieland has been in and out of rehab for most of career with Stone Temple Pilots/ Velvet Revolver. Last year he revealed onstage that his addiction problems were back, and Stone Temple Pilots suffered for it.

There are plenty of other musicians who have gone to rehab. Let us know some more in the comments.

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