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Tips For Agoraphobes & Anyone Who Hates LA Traffic: Top 10 Foodie Shopping Websites

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Fri, Sep 25, 2009 at 10:00 AM

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  • La Tienda.com

4. La Tienda: No matter how you say paella (Thanks for the elocution lesson, Toby Young), it's the kind of dish that can cause late night cravings. At La Tienda you can order a paella pan, a hunk of Jamon Iberico, and tins of Bonito del Norte-line caught tuna in olive oil-at any time of the day. This Spanish food retailer sells a wide range of spices, gourmet packaged foods, and specialty cooking gear that can help curb any of your Catalan cravings.

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5. Culinary District: If Surfas in Culver City seems a world away, you can fill your virtual cart with items from this online cousin of the Surfas family. The internet resource sells restaurant supplies, equipment, and specialty foods with a simple click of the mouse.

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  • Chefs' Warehouse

6. Chefs' Warehouse: If you've ever worked in restaurants, you've seen plenty cardboard boxes with this company's logo arrive via weekly special deliveries. Luckily, you don't have to grill steaks or peel hundreds of potatoes every day to qualify for a Chefs' Warehouse membership. Anyone with a credit card can order gourmet dry goods, specialty meats and seafood, imported oils, foie gras, paté, caviar, and cheese from this online retailer.

  • Farmer's Market Online.com

7. Farmer's Market Online: Growers from southern California to rural Massachusetts use virtual booth space to sell goods directly to shoppers at Farmer's Market Online. Set up like a traditional farmers market, vendors offer food, crafts, gifts, and supplies direct from the farm. Search by specific items or, for the local-minded buyer, by state. Local farmers offer purple passion fruit, certified organic mushroom growing kits, and vegan jerky in the "open air market" section of the site.

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