Xina AI To Change The Hotel Room Service Experience

Experts predict that by 2023, the average American household will have at least 500 devices controlled by artificial intelligence (AI). As more individuals become accustomed to utilizing AI at home, they will undoubtedly want to use it when staying at hotels and resorts. This trend could mean a significant shift in how hospitality businesses operate.

Xina AI, a voice-ordering app, was born out of this vision. Users can access this unique technology by scanning a QR code or using a provided hotel tablet. They can place in-room dining orders or send housekeeping requests by speaking to Xina AI as they would a hotel desk person or operator.

Elevating the hotel room experience

Here are five ways Xina AI can enrich a hotel guest’s stay:

1. Better in-room experience

Xina AI is improving the hotel industry by equipping guest rooms with cutting-edge technology to modernize the room service experience.  With Xina AI, guests can order food and request housekeeping items such as cleaning, extra towels, or other personal items without speaking to hotel staff.

2. Faster response time

When calling for room service, there is often a wait time as only one staff member is assigned to pick up the phone and take orders, leading to customer complaints. With Xina AI, orders are sent directly to the kitchen or housekeeping department with no wait time.  Xina can even answer questions about the hotel, such as spa hours, gym and pool locations, and other amenities.

3. Personalized offers

 Xina AI can help hotels learn about their customers’ preferences, interests, and behaviors by analyzing massive volumes of data collected.. The AI can then provide suggestions based on the guest’s stated and inferred preferences, allowing the hotel to offer a personalized experience.

4. Less workload

Having AI do mundane tasks like guest requests can free up hotel workers to concentrate on delivering quality service. Surprisingly, 86% of hoteliers agree that AI tools that reduce work load, leads to happier employees.

5. Guest satisfaction and reviews

With the help of Xina Voice ordering, an excellent room service experience can boost reviews and hotel ratings, which will increase hotel stays when potential customers are making booking decisions based on ratings.

Upgrading people’s food experience

The idea for Xina AI was developed by Carl Sconnely, who founded Quartile 3 Robotics. Frustrated by a restaurant’s ineffective touch-screen kiosk, he created one that diners could converse with as if it were a natural person. Even though its conception was for restaurants, the hotel and resort industry can realize even more benefits with its implementation. It is remarkable how one person’s frustration led to a breakthrough concept that revolutionized the industry.

According to Sconnely, Xina respects guest privacy; Xina is only listening when the guest touches the talk button and immediately shuts the microphone off when they release it. Customers can have confidence that Xina is not eavesdropping on their in-room conversations.

Xina AI is poised to transform the hospitality and tourism industries. Its voice-ordering system will usher in a new era of customer care and redefine how people experience food and travel worldwide.

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