XIE-ing is Believing: L.A.-based house music creative XIE became interested in learning how to produce quickly after she started songwriting.

Growing up I was in Symphony, played piano and was really studious so I knew I could do it,” she says. “The learning curve was steep, but it finally gave me the complete tool kit to have full creative control over my vision. DJing came after production in the past 5 years when I became truly obsessed with and immersed in edm and the dance music scene. The transition into DJing felt so natural to me and to feel the crowd’s energy and be able to perform my music in this way felt absolutely amazing.”

Today, she describes her sound as club bangers sprinkled with her vocals, “all spanning under the house umbrella from tech house, to UK house and techno. I love making records that each have a unique vibe and create a world of their own.”

XIE thinks electronic music, particularly house, is in an amazing place right now.

“Some people complain it’s getting too mainstream but I think that’s a great thing and provides an opportunity more than ever to be worldwide,” she says. “We’re at a point in musical history where it’s a great time to experiment and find ways to stand out and be one of a kind.”

Her latest release is “C’est La Vie.”

“Life can feel heavy and complicated, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in all of it but sometimes it’s actually easier to just let things go,” XIE says. “I wrote ‘C’est La Vie’ when I was dealing with some extreme anxieties as a reminder to take the good with the bad and each day in stride. You always have to move forward and remember life just is what it is and it will get better.”

Looking ahead, XIE has big plans for the remainder of 2023.

I’m currently finishing up my debut EP that’s coming out at the end of the summer and have some exciting collabs with brands as well as future tour dates I can’t talk about quite just yet,” she says. “You can expect a lot more XIE music, and expanding my brand..I actually went to art school and am super passionate about fashion so that’s definitely something I’ll be implementing in the future. I can’t wait to share everything I’ve been pouring my heart into!”

XIE-ing is Believing: XIE’s single “C’est La Vie” is out May 26.






















































































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