People say age doesn’t matter. But why is there still a stigma surrounding this relationships in which one partner is considerably older than the other, and especially when a man’s age significantly trumps that of his female love interest? After all, a few-year age difference is commonly accepted these days.

Find out why and when a person’s age gap with someone they’re with can become “too much.”

The Most Ideal Age Difference — Based on Statistics

According to experts, men being 2-3 years older than their female partners are the most common type of relationship age difference. Whereas relationships that have a 7-10 year difference in age are less likely to be satisfied with their relationships (or marriage) in the long run. However, a significant age difference isn’t the only factor that can cause a relationship to fail.

Weighing In Important Factors

Here are some things that need to be considered in terms of relationships — regardless of the age difference.

Maturity Level

You and your partner could be the same age (or they can even be older than you) but if one of you isn’t emotionally mature yet, then it can cause arguments that might conclude to nothing — it will be like explaining a grown-up topic to a kid!

It’s important that you and your partner both understand things on the same level and that you deal with problems as responsible adults should; the definition of maturity, however, is still subjective.

Priorities in Life

It can be fine to have a partner who’s older or younger than you. But when one is already too experienced in life while the other one lacks it, it might cause either a slight dilemma or a perk in the relationship.

Picture this, one of you is already at the top of their career, while the other one is just starting out. If you’re only just beginning life as a professional, you know how interviews can be intimidating. If your partner, on the other hand, is already successful, they may just help walk you through that process — or be disgruntled that they’re still being asked “basic” questions.

Future Goals

Again, if one of you is substantially older than your partner, you might envision different types of future. Depending on how advanced in age you or they are, retirement may already be one’s future plans instead of, say, a different career path, a family to grow, the need to travel the world, learn an extreme sport, or a new city to move to.


There’s a social stigma that comes when you’re in a relationship with someone with a huge age difference. People will talk and it’s only a matter of how you will let it affect you. Sometimes, unfortunately, harsh criticisms can take a toll on a person — regardless if it’s about the relationship they’re in or not. Everyone can be left vulnerable when the ones around them don’t agree with their choices. Therefore, consider also how this will affect you and your partner.


Relationships of any age difference can work. Though the most common and statistically successful age gap is 1-3 years, if you and your partner aren’t dissuaded by what others have to say and you both understand each other’s goals, and priorities, there’s still a chance that you can have a successful relationship — despite the age gap.

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