The best strength of CBD can differ from person to person, so how can you decide what is best for you? Let’s unpack the question and get you some answers.

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More is better. This certainly applies to CBD, especially if after trying CBD products you’re still wondering which is the best strength of CBD for you. It could be that the CBD strength you’re currently using simply isn’t enough.

Here’s how to make sure you’re taking the best strength CBD for your body and mind.

What Is Meant by ‘CBD Strength’?

First of all – to answer the big question “What is the best strength of CBD?” it’s really simple:

The best strength of CBD is the one that works for you.

And this can differ from person to person. We all have an endocannabinoid system, or ECS, in our bodies that processes CBD, but each of us needs a little different CBD strength to match the unique needs of our ECS. This is why there are so many CBD strengths to choose from – from lower CBD strengths to middle and higher range strengths to now even more powerful high-strength CBD options with the super-combo of CBD + THC in them.

So, let’s clear up what all the different CBD strengths actually mean. This can help you to choose the right strength of CBD for your own needs.

There’s CBD strength, which is marked on the bottle in terms of milligrams of CBD per bottle.  When you move to higher strength CBD products, then you get more CBD per bottle, therefore more CBD per serving that you take.

A CBD serving size is the exact amount that you take each time. You can calculate how much CBD you are taking per serving by using the numbers:

[Milligrams of CBD per bottle] ÷ [number of servings in the bottle] = Your CBD dosage

Calculating Your CBD Dosage

So if you take a full serving size (1 mL) each serving time, and there are 30 servings per bottle, then divide the strength by 60. If your bottle, for example, has 7500 mg of CBD oil, would have 250 mg of CBD in your serving dose each time you take it. This 250 mg is the CBD dosage.

Determining your CBD dosage is important for when you decide to move up in CBD strength. If what you are currently taking is falling short of your body and mind’s needs, then going up in serving size or going to a stronger CBD oil formula would give you more CBD.

If you choose to use a stronger strength you can get more bang for your buck for the results you need out of your CBD.

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Choosing a CBD Strength

There’s no real formula for choosing a CBD strength. For first timers, start low and work your way up.

Here are some questions to help you make these choices.

  1. Would you describe your needs as minimal, medium or high?
  2. What’s your body size?
  3. Do you have a slow, average, or high metabolism?
  4. Do you need one strength for day and a higher one at night or vice versa? Then, you may need two different products or to take slightly more CBD at the time you need it.

Tip: Whatever CBD strength you choose, keep your serving sizes consistent. This helps your body maintain that homeostasis that CBD works so hard to support. Take it morning and night for the most consistent experience.

Do You Need Stronger CBD?

If you’re currently using CBD and aren’t getting the full results you want, then stronger CBD may help. Maybe you aren’t sleeping well or your stress level has increased. Perhaps you feel your CBD isn’t working for you anymore. Then, switching to a higher strength may make all the difference in how you feel.

Moving to a Stronger CBD Oil

Option one: Take a little more of the CBD you are regularly taking. This will increase the amount of CBD in your system. If you keep going up in your serving amounts and still feel you need more, this is an indicator that you need a stronger CBD oil product.

Option two: Switch from your regular broad spectrum CBD to full spectrum CBD, which offers you the entourage effect, meaning it gives you the extra power of a wider cannabis plant profile in your CBD formula. CBD + THC is a powerful combination and this makes full spectrum options a good natural progression for CBD users who need more effects.

Option three: Switch to a higher strength CBD, which would mean your daily CBD doses would include more CBD without taking higher and higher serving sizes – more CBD means more help! You can choose from the high strength CBD tinctures or the high strength CBD softgels.

Tip: Think of these higher-strength CBD options as the “extra-strength” versions of CBD which are more powerful in terms of CBD benefits, which some people really need to find that calm CBD life everyone’s been raving about.


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