A few weeks ago, Toke wondered aloud: Why don't L.A. dispensaries sell blunts?

As much as we enjoy a fine stuff Phillie, we don't have the dexterity to roll them ourselves.

But it turns out there is a local merchant who sells them after all.

West Hollywood collective TGE offers them at $15 a pop. It's located on 3rd Street near Fairfax Avenue.

And so, we picked up two and took them downtown to the Made in America festival to share with a blunt-loving old friend and some curious strangers.


The size, shape and price of the blunts was a little off-putting — they're shorter and thinner than normal, and more expensive than the pre-rolled joints that usually fall in the $7-$10 range.

But the weed was strong and day was sunny, so the testing team did its best to appreciate the experience. One toking partner, a blunt expert from way back, took a hit and deemed it too tightly packed. A man standing nearby, who we believed to be The Weeknd, turned out to just be a dude with a 'fro.

Read what you will into that.

In any case, the blunt hit smoothly once it got going. Score.

Later, Toke offered to split the second blunt with a guy guarding a backstage entrance, in hopes that he'd look the other way so we could get a closer view of the Kendrick Lamar show. He happily obliged, and soon we were puffing away.

However, our new buddy was far more critical, pointing out that blunt wraps — sold separately as papers and used for TGE's blunt — would never be as good as tobacco-stuffed Swishers or cigarillos that had been split, emptied and re-rolled. Hearing that our blunt was pre-rolled, he scoffed.

Apparently, no true blunt aficionado will allow a fresh one to sit more than 20 minutes without lighting it. These had been rolled the day before, according to the budtender at TGE. Perhaps that was why it was so hard to pull, our new security guard friend suggested.

The next day, we brought straight bud to the Made in America festival in the hopes of finding someone who knew their way around a Swisher. We did, and we had a lovely time.

One of these days we're actually going to have to learn how to roll a blunt. 

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