A new year is upon us and never have I been more motivated to start fresh. This past year, it felt like a new layer of mud was thrown on us each month, making everything harder, slower and more impossible as time went on. Survival became a daily goal, outweighing daily routines of wellness, self-love and any other small pleasures we may have had. Needless to say, it’s been a rough ride. 

Well, enough. It’s been a year in the doldrums and frankly we’re done contributing to the sludge. But that’s easier said than done, right? How does one go about being “done” with a depressing year and start fresh? While we’d love it to be as simple as flipping a switch, it’s far more difficult. 

Instead of some fruitless quest filled with frustrating platitudes, I’ll write about the one thing that has helped me find my footing in climbing my way out of this 2020 hell hole: better sleep. 

I’ve tried it all – OTC, prescription sleep aids, herbs, tea, ASMR YouTube darlings – seriously there is no stone that has been left unturned in my hopes of assuaging insomnia. In the last month, I’ve actually been able to catch some zzz’s and I can see the sun peaking through the clouds finally. Where did I find this magical sleep dust? At a cannabis shop. 

Obviously, using cannabis for sleep isn’t a new concept. It’s a natural sleep aid I’ve been a fan of for years, in fact. But with recent anxieties, no strain was hitting the snooze button right. That was until I tried again and took a hit of my Caliva Z-Cube. Twenty minutes later, I was knocked out on the couch, drooling. 

1) I never drool. 

2) I never sleep on the couch because any and all noise wakes me up. 

The fact that this happened was the biggest miracle I’ve ever witnessed.

Thinking it was just a fluke I tried it again the next night. Boom. Twenty minutes post-toke I was gently nudged by my amused husband to be told I was snoring. ME. Snoring. I don’t snore! And I’m never nudged awake because I’m never the one asleep between the two of us. I was in awe of this strain. 

As an indica hybrid, Z-Cube is unsurprisingly a bedtime beast. It is actually known for its energetic edge (thus the hybrid), which I can attest to. I think it’s this twist that hits all the right cerebral notes to quiet your mind enough and relax you enough to do what you need: sleep, meditate, vibe out to your skincare routine, just decompress in the ways that soothe you. 

A little research shows I’m not the only one who champions this strain. In 2019, Caliva’s Z-Cube took home the award for “Best Hybrid” at the Bay Area High Times Cannabis Cup. 

Containing up to 30 percent THC, this gorgeous flower will set the vibe for your year by giving you the best foundation possible: a clear mind, and some damn good sleep. 

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