Viral Rapper Big Kidd: All Bark, All Bite

Big Kidd (often stylised as BIG KIDD), also known as Marcus Matthews is an Australian rapper, Kidd is mostly known for being top dog within Australian rap when it comes to belligerent and “in your face” music. Due to his unorthodox sound that straddles the line between rap and metal, Kidd has built a strong cult following in no time. But more often than not, his lyrical abilities tend to get overlooked and undervalued. To understand the themes and concepts presented in Big Kidd’s lyricism, we’d have to understand his artistic traits first. Kidd presents himself as this cold-blooded, hardcore pitbull that wouldn’t hesitate to kidnap you because you looked at him wrong. But that is only the half, and most people fail to look past the half.

From his painful body tattoos to his story in his eyes, everything relating to Big Kidd is haunting, it demands your respect. And true enough, Big Kidd’s musical style expands upon his real life looks with constant references to violence, murder, kidnap and so on. But that is not all he offers, far from it actually. Take a look at his verse from songs like “Bye Bye [Remix]” and songs like “Draconian” Big Kidd completely pours his lungs out and unveils what’s beneath his outer self, a man who really means the words he speaks and believes every lyric he states. Could his looks and his raps be exaggerated to an extent? It’s not believed so. But even if it is, It’s doubtful that it is anything but a gimmick, it’s who he really is.

Big Kidd is without a doubt, one of the most unique-sounding rappers working today, his style is unlike anyone else’s and the words he speaks are both fascinating and soul snatching. There are some listeners who, still to this day, do not acknowledge Big Kidd’s skills as a rapper and assumes he’s only going to talk about the violent topics in ways that have no real meaning and emotion behind it. That’s not true, within rap you can certainly tell who really means their words behind the true emotion in the artists voice. That factor plays a huge part in Big Kidd’s case and you can’t deny that you also hear and feel that realness in his art.

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