You know the story: Half the family wants one kind of dessert, the other half wants another. (And don't get us started on Aunt Mildred, who can never make up her dang mind.) Normally the solution is two pies, two separate factions, two warring gangs spooning sweets into their mouths around what's supposed to be a communal dining table.

No more. Today Reddit user MorningLtMtn hipped us to the Venn Piagram, a delicious and judicious melding of blueberry and strawberry that was actually created seven months ago by another Reddit user.

HungryHungryHippy tells us how it was done:

I finagled the two tins together and then stapled the overhangs together. I also put a sheet of parchment paper over the bottom to keep the bottom flat, though the crust dough probably would have held together alright without it. The tin itself wasn't strong enough to support the pie all alone, so that's why I baked it on the cookie sheet.

How about pumpkin and chocolate for Halloween? And don't get us started on the possibilities for Thanksgiving.

We expect Crate and Barrel to come out with a sturdier version of HungryHungryHippy's prototype any day now.

LA Weekly