Using only the best cannabis, DeJanae Evins is well-respected a cannabis educator, researcher and urban cultivator. She is the founder of Green Goddess Glow, an educational platform sparking culture-shifting conversations around cannabis and self-care as well as a community grow initiative. Green Goddess Glow emphasizes reclamation of the plant through intentional use, cultivating a deeper understanding of it and each other, and amplifying the stories and voices of women of color. 

 What does wellness mean to you?

Wellness is the art of being present. It is being authentic to who you are intrinsically. It is supporting your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual body so that you operate from abundance. Wellness for people of color has been rooted in survival for so long, and weʼre moving away from that by empowering ourselves with intention and right action to lead better, healthier lives.  

What everyday activity brings wellness into your life?

Drinking water is first and foremost. Second to that itʼs deep breathing. I found that sound healing, yoga, meditation and choosing the right foods that have also been huge in keeping healthy and maintaining an overall sense of well-being

How does cannabis enhance your wellness experience?

The best cannabis is usually most helpful during a post-activity. Or a during activity depending on what the activity is. Cannabis allows me to separate myself from my ego. It allows me to breathe and be more present in my breath. And cannabis is an amazing teacher, and a patient partner, as I continue to learn about myself and the many teachings of this plant. Most recently, I have begun my yoga teacher training and with that I have really been able to understand the poses and the intention of yoga at a core level. I have had the pleasure of attending many yoga classes with a brilliant instructor and friend, Minelli. But itʼs different when you are on your own and in your own flow. Cannabis has been beautiful in assisting my growth in this practice.


Tell us something fun or interesting about your wellness activity?

Well, I discovered my yoga teacher training program through a dear friend of mine, Lauren. I can honestly say that I have some really solid and supportive, and thoughtful and inspirational friends. One really great thing about being intentional about your wellness journey is finding, nurturing and being nurtured by a strong community of people that want to see you be the best version of yourself. 

No matter how you choose to enjoy your cannabis, the feeling you get when you encounter your happy moment is unmistakable. What does your happy moment look like or feel like?

My happy usually looks like food (haha, but truly.) It sounds like a symphony of music to my ears. And it feels like waves of emotion that carry me out into a deep ocean of bliss (Iʼm not high right now btw, just reminiscing). 

 Where do you go for the best cannabis?

I’ve had my eye on Caliva Cannabis for a while!

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