One of our favorite things about living in L.A. is the incredible amount of things you can get delivered to your door within hours: groceries, alcohol, furniture, games, and of course, cannabis and CBD. 

Finding a reputable way to access cannabis can be hard. With so many options at your fingertips, how do you know who to trust and find the best deal? Thankfully, you have us. We’ve been covering the cannabis and CBD market since well before the Farm Bill was passed, and we know a good thing when we see it. 

Caliva is a retailer and delivery service that we turn to to get all our favorite cannabis products. Both making their own products in-house, as well as supplying first- and third-party products, Caliva maintains absolute integrity and respect for this incredible plant and its flowers. 

Why do we love Caliva so much? Fantastic quality aside, their good vibes are evident in all they do. Everyone at Caliva is powered by their passion for plant-based solutions and purpose to deliver cannabis products for everyday well-being. They help people like you and I to lead healthier, happier lives.

More than a company, Caliva is a group of people working together with focus in everything they do. Their team is filled with passionate, happy people, including the friendly delivery driver who shows up at our door whenever we stock up. One of their valued family is a shaman practitioner who blesses their plants with good vibes every Wednesday (isn’t that incredible?!). The company firmly believes that the positive energy they put into their work and the plant is essential to creating amazing products – and we agree.

With so much good stuff filling their website and retail locations (you can buy their products at retail locations in San Jose and Bellflower or with free delivery throughout Los Angeles and most of Orange County. If you find yourself outside Caliva’s delivery range, you can find their products at over 200 dispensaries across California), how do you narrow it down? While we heartily support trying all of it, we did the impossible work of narrowing it down to our top 13 favorite products from Caliva: 

Fresh Flower

Caliva’s SDLK Sativa Flower

Just as it states, SDLK is the crossing of Sour Diesel and Lemon Kush. Users describe the Sour Diesel Lemon Kush high as having an immediate onset of an uplifted, euphoric creative yet focused head high that is accompanied by an intense rush of energy – and we can confirm. In fact, it’s one of our favorites for working around the house or writing articles on our favorite cannabis companies. Any time can be a great time with this powerful flower in your pocket. 

Caliva Z-Cube Indica-Hybrid Flower

We want to make this very clear: Caliva’s Z-Cube Indica-Hybrid Flower is OUR FAVORITE indica strain we’ve had to date. In fact, it’s award-winning. Prone to anxiety and stress ourselves, we have to be really particular about our relaxing rituals, and the Z-Cube hits the spot every time. We love it because it’s an safer alternative to harder medication, and the relaxing ritual of smoking it helps to ground and relieve us. If you’re overwhelmed stressed (it’s 2020, who isn’t overwhelmed stressed right now?), we wholeheartedly hope you give yourself the gift of giving Caliva’s Z-Cube a try for a perfectly balanced high leaving you chill and able to function. 

Caliva Reef Leaf Hybrid Flower (pre-ground)

While we loooove convenience, nothing beats the ritual of rolling your own. Not into rolls? That’s cool, it’s bong and bowl friendly too! The Reef Leaf Hybrid Flower is kind flower grown indoors with love for easy rollin’ and breezy livin’. Just $20 for a 5g bag, it gives you the freedom of choice and dosage. 

Caliva Toasties Classics Hybrid Prerolls

Have you found yourself asking ‘can just one thing be easy this year?!” If so, here you go: Caliva Toasties Classics Hybrid Prerolls. Pre-rolled for the on-the-go consumer (we may be on lockdown but you best believe we are hiking, camping, and beaching whenever allowed), these are low potency for that mellow, manageable high. Also, if you suck at rolling like we do and don’t feel like wasting any precious flower, these prerolls are clutch for effortless enjoyment. 

Fun Uncle Super Session Hybrid Prerolls

This single serve preroll is some serious sh*t. If you’re ready for a wild ride, then buckle up and grab a lighter. A session with this mighty one gram pre-roll is bound to throw you back in your seat, with a flavor (and low price) that takes you back to Mary Jane’s early days. How does Caliva’s Fun Uncle pack such a delightful punch? First they take 85% top-grade flower, add 15% artisan bubble hash, then roll it up reaaaal nice.

Vapes For Every Mood

Caliva Z-Cube Fresh Flower Indica-Hybrid Vape

Caveat: we use this every night and are incredibly biased. It tastes SO GOOD. With floral hints of rosewater and cooling notes of grapefruit, there is no better way to unwind on a hot summer night than with Caliva’s Z-Cube vape. This award-winning Indica-Hybrid strain is yielded by an extensive, in-house phenohunt. All the effort that goes into crafting it is well worth it, as the end product is unparalleled in quality and relaxation. 

Caliva SDLK Fresh Flower Sativa Vape

Caliva also offers their crossing of Sour Diesel and Lemon Kush in vape format, for those that prefer the ease of vaping over smoking flower. All of Caliva’s fresh flower vapes are 100% cannabis derived, with no additives and single-source terpenes. Clean and simple, like nature intended; smooth and tasty, just like we love. 

Caliva 510 Caliva branded battery

While it’s technically not cannabis, it’s definitely needed to enjoy their cannabis vapes. While other brands offer batteries, we always use Caliva’s own battery for their vapes. The cannabis is just too good to potentially dilute or waste, so we like having a battery we can trust to perform and fit perfectly with each cartridge. 

Affordable Edibles

DELI Nickels – Mango Hybrid Edibles

The only thing we don’t like about these gummies is that we can’t eat them all in one sitting, because they are delicious. Sugar dusted and bursting with flavor, they are easily broken apart or eaten whole. A hybrid blend with 5mg of THC per nickel and 20 nickels per pouch, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better bang for your buck.  

DELI Nickels – Sour Apple Sativa Edibles

While some people like it sweet, others like it sour, making these sour apple-flavored gummies a perfect fit. With the perfect amount of chew and the tart to make you pucker, this sativa gummy will keep you wanting more. If you’re sensitive to edibles like we are, they are the perfect dose to chew a little and wait until you hit that sweet spot. 

Our Favorite Topical

Caliva Muscle + Joint Inflammation Topical Cream

We’d be hard-pressed to have a “top” list and not mention the Caliva Muscle + Joint Inflammation Topical Cream. We use it daily. It’s amazing for sore muscles and cramps – any targeted joint application. It is absolutely worth adding to your wellness routine; your body will thank you! A lotion made with clove and frankincense, it’s the relief your joint and muscles need after a long day. 

The Best CBD Products

Soul Grind h-CBD Mexican Chocolate

Caliva offers an incredible array of first and third party items, some of which are our absolute favorite thing to wake up to: Soul Grind’s unsweetened cold brew coffee. It comes in three flavors: black, vanilla, and our favorite, Mexican chocolate. What makes it so special? Soul Grind is the first unsweetened cold brew coffee to be infused with broad spectrum Hemp CBD. This sweet combo gives you a lasting, calm energy, leaving you ready to tackle the day without those coffee jitters. 

Well by Caliva h-CBD Moisturizing Serum

We love topical creams, and Well by Caliva makes a CBD moisturizing serum that we use in both our daytime and nighttime skin care routine. Made with a deliberately simple formula that harnesses the wellness properties of CBD with the benefits of a clean moisturizer. It can be used as is directly on skin (the method we prefer), or can easily be mixed with other lotions. 

Your Favorite Cannabis Products

Looking to build your own list of favorites? Check out + and you’re sure to find some incredible products that help you to find just what you’ve been looking for. 

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