Ty Segall is one busy man.

In 2014 alone he released Manipulator and $ingle$ 2, the latest in a prolific collection of brilliant solo albums and compilations; released an interactive music video for Manipulator's title track; helped produce White Fence's For the Recently Found Innocent; put out a 7″ Kinks cover with Fuzz; announced the Live in San Francisco LP with the Ty Segall Band; and probably a million other things that we've lost track of because we simply can't keep up with him. 

Now he's announced the release of the Mr. Face EP, a double 7″ that comes as a pair of the world's first playable 3D glasses. 

A little absurd? Yeah. Still totally awesome? We think so.


Mr.Face EP package; Credit: Photo courtesy of Pitch Perfect PR

Mr.Face EP package; Credit: Photo courtesy of Pitch Perfect PR

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Considering that the purchase of the Mr. Face EP package (pictured to the right) is guaranteed to come with some mighty jams and the special edition 3D glasses come free with all orders via the Famous Class website, if you're a fan of Segall's work, there's really no reason not to buy into this promo stunt.

Besides, you're going to need those special glasses to get the full effect of the 3D cover artwork.

Along with the glasses, Mr. Face (out January 13) includes four new tracks:

1. Mr Face
2. Circles
3. Drug Mugger
4. The Picture

Now's your chance to get your hands on some sweet Segall memorabilia. You know, in case you weren't able to get one of the limited edition Ty Segall inspired reverb pedals released last year. 

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