At South by Southwest last week, Fiona Apple took the stage outside of L.A. for the first time in five years. Bruce Springsteen referenced “blue balls” in his keynote speech. In other news, the Tweet-a-Beer Twitter app also made its official debut, which is fitting considering many SXSW attendees spend more time pounding oat sodas than actually seeking out new music.

The brainchild of Oregon-based Waggener Edstrom Worldwide and tenfour, Tweet-a-Beer uses Chirpify, an e-commerce platform that allows users to send and receive moolah, to connect Twitter and PayPal accounts. Essentially, you're able to “post” $5 to pals on Twitter. This way, you and a bro can be in different places — say, California and Chicago — and still hoist mugs in one another's honor. Of course, depending on where you're doing this hoisting, $5 can either go a long way (a six-pack of Blatz in northern Ohio) or land a drop in the proverbial bucket (60% of a pint of craft-brewed Belgian ale in New York City).

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