For today's fashion-food mash up, we present Drew Droege as a perfectly deadpan version of actress Chloë Sevigny in a series of videos aptly entitled, Chloe.

This Chloe predictably name drops art luminaries, party sponsors and all manner of fashion brands and high end designers. Not very different from her real world counter-part. What we love is that Droege's drag doppelganger also likes to share what she's been eating, by stringing together seemingly random food-related words that somehow make sense. Our favorite video is Toast, in which our slightly off-kilter hostess/spot-on imitation of the real Sevigny, discovers her own version of, well, toast, and shares a recipe.

For a sampling of his/her high minded (and I-only-read-Interview-magazine hilarious) pretense, watch Droege and director Jim Hansen's other videos — they all include at least one food reference — for her musings on:

Luncheon at a pre-awards show party. “We devoured Caesar salad served in Charles and David black stilettos. Flash tortured emu with mascarpone and lingonberry preserves. And steak water. Did I mention I was wearing a snood?”

On a visit to Los Angeles (pronounced with her unique cadence) Chloe recalls “In late night news I attended a food truck. There I had a pan-baked barbequed omelet. I was quite upset they didn't have Himalayan pork, for I had to settle for Nigerian.”

For Memorial Day, she recalls “Gewürztraminer tasting with Grace Coddington” and “Foisting sweetbreads to the jackals of the Kilimanjaro.”

We look forward to having her at our next dinner party, with Jonathan Gold, Wendy Stark and Zooey Deschanel. Sponsored by the Ball Canning Company and LA Weekly. We will be wearing culottes from Target.

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