We think a lot about the homes we live in, but have you ever thought about the city you live in, and the spaces that surround you every day? On this week’s episode of The World According to Craig, our host asks this same question, getting answers from a knowledgeable guest. 

Every public space matters, and every building, every park, every mall is part of the city you live in and its personality. How we show up and what we think matters, as well. As a people, we have a responsibility to help craft that space in a way that works for all of us. Los Angeles is changing, and we have a say. Join renowned architect Bob Hale in this week’s episode to learn what public space means, and what you can do to drive your city forward.

“The issue for Los Angeles is to really regrow and build on its neighborhoods,” Hale explains. “There are those that were originally the main transit stops, which were the centers [of the city].”

“Los Angeles is really a very large city made up of lots of neighborhoods, and I think the building back of the strength of those neighborhoods is really the future of making this an even better, more livable city,” the architect continues. 

Architects construct the buildings and cities we live in, but they rely on communities to tell them what that look and feel should be. Every community has an intrinsic tie to their neighborhood, and communities are the focus of neighborhoods and what they should look like. We have to create spaces that reflect communities and what we want to see in them – spaces that welcome people, spaces that people can afford to and want to live, work and play in.

As a city, we have a responsibility to make participating in our communities an opportunity not a burden, and people have a responsibility to participate. How will you make your city your space?

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