Love will be not only in the air but on the table as well when Mary Jane University’s High Dining presents its signature Sushi + Doobie Rolling Workshop on Saturday, Feb. 23, in Culver City. The student body will be immersed in the finer points of rolling both cannabis joints and sushi during the workshop. Scheduled instructors are cannabis activist and author Keiko Beatie and sushi chef Victor Miller, with live music from rapper MC Flow and DJ Jack Pharaoh to add cachet to the curriculum.

Students enter the classroom to a warm traditional Japanese greeting from hostess and doobie-rolling instructor Beatie, receive an origami crane, indulge in optionally cannabis-infused appetizers and tea, and choose their class position depending on their level of study — “Teacher’s Pets” in the first row get a special prize and extra attention from the rolling instructors. In order to preserve tradition and ensure proper instruction, students must be able to stand at their rolling tables during lessons.

Sushi and doobie rolling workshop; Credit: Mary Jane University

Sushi and doobie rolling workshop; Credit: Mary Jane University

After instruction in doobie rolling from Beatie, and a hands-on lesson from chef Victor Miller on the fine art of sushi rolling, students may choose to learn more about high-tech gadgets in cannabis consumption courtesy of the instructors at Mary Jane University; rap along with the formidable MC Flow and her new hit “Rollin’ Up”; or immerse themselves in the tide of sound design emanating from Long Beach controllerist, Jack Pharaoh. An optional infused dessert course will be offered as well.

Founded in 2016 in California by a collective of cannabis activists, High Dining conjures artistic, engaging events featuring the cannabis-infused cuisine of specialized chefs, in both public and private realms. High Dining’s mission is to produce responsible, educational and enchanting cannabis fine-dining experiences.

Tickets for this strictly 21+ event are available for the “Student Body” fee of $200 or the “Teacher’s Pet” fee of $250 per person at, and must be purchased in advance. No unregistered walk-ins will be admitted.

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