The Top Recreational THC Drinks of 2023

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Cannabis-infused beverages are sweeping the industry as a more modern and enjoyable way to consume cannabis. The variety of flavors, the short amount of time it takes to feel the effects, and the long-lasting high are only a few of the reasons why consumers are switching to drinkable THC as opposed to traditional edibles and inhalables. In states where cannabis is legal for both recreational and medicinal use, this unique category is quickly becoming the preferred way to relax and unwind as opposed to traditional alcoholic beverages.

THC drinkables are obtained in the same way alcoholic beverages are (adults 21+) and don’t require a prescription or medical card. In addition to being discreet, there are different strengths and size options available that cater to various tolerance levels. Cannabis-infused beverages are ideal replacements for individuals who enjoy a glass of wine at dinner, seek out familiar cocktails at social events, and look forward to cracking open a cold one after a long day. While the market for THC drinkables is considerably smaller when compared to gummies and flowers, there are several premium brands that have been heralded as truly remarkable in terms of flavors, effects, and overall enjoyability. We’ve hand-selected our personal favorites found on the West Coast, specifically Washington. If you’re lucky enough to live in the Evergreen State or are planning a visit in the upcoming days, we invite you to browse our list of THC drinkables below! Regardless if you’re a cannabis aficionado or simply curious to sample a cannabis-infused beverage for the first time, this list is one you’ll want to keep handy for when you walk into an establishment that stocks THC drinkables.

The Crowd Favorite: “Legal” Rainier Cherry Soda

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The grand-daddy of Washington cannabis sodas,  Mirth Provisions  sodas and lemonades were some of the first THC drinks to hit the legal market. Premium drinks featuring all-natural fruit juices and only pronounceable ingredients, Mirth caters to the discerning canna-consumer audience. Very lightly carbonated sparkling beverages in throwback glass bottles look right at home in any environment, from a backyard barbecue to a relaxing dinner for two. Best of all,Legal drinks come in a very approachable 10-miligram option, perfect for those who want to partake, while not going overboard. For the more advanced THC user, all of their flavors come in 100-milligram versions as well.  Flavors are subtle and refreshing, with all of the Legal beverage line featuring rapid-onset effects that are best in class. Legal drinks are also reasonably-priced, and can be found at most high-end dispensaries and shops starting around $6 for each single-serving bottle.

Lemonade Lover’s Dream: Ray’s Lemonade

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Ray’s THC Lemonade is a fan-favorite for lemonade lovers across the western side of the country. Their stunning assortment of fruity flavors features a mouthwatering Strawberry Lemonade, Iced Tea, Citrus Kush, and many others. Their bottles are available in either 12.5oz bottles or “shot” sizes of 2oz bottles, perfect for social events and lazy afternoons. Many consumers confirm that while the effects of Ray’s THC Lemonade may take a bit longer to kick in, but offer a deliciously warm and relaxing high once they do. The effects tend to last for several hours, offering a great way to treat yourself after a long day or on a day off!

All of Ray’s THC Lemonade flavors feature a light carbonation along with a mild flavor of cannabis that is quickly overpowered by the fruity lemonade flavor. There are scant few strength options, none of which pass below the 50mg threshold, prompting the brand to urge consumers to start off with low doses. This may prove to be a difficult task, thanks to the delicious fruit flavors, smooth carbonation, and variety of choices available!

Don’t Light Up…Drink Up With Blaze Soda

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Similar to the Legal brand, Blaze Sodas is the offspring of the Evergreen Herbal Company. Nostalgic flavors like Cola, Orange Cream Pie, and Root Beer take you on a trip back in time with their lineup of THC-infused beverages. Their soda flavors are crafted with pure cane sugar, clear distillate, and “lots of love” and are described as being quite sweet, something that isn’t surprising considering these are “sodas” and not lemonades or tonics. For those looking for something not quite as sweet, Evergreen Herbal Company also offers a Tea’d Up line that features some tamer flavors like Peach Flavored Black Tea and Honey & Lemon Flavored Green Tea. These teas tend to have a much stronger cannabis flavor as opposed to their sodas, as there is little flavor to mask the strong taste of bitterness.

Blaze Sodas come in three unique strengths (10mg, 30mg, & 100mg), while the Tea’d Up flavors are solely available in 100mg strengths. For inexperienced users, be sure to start off with small amounts if you’re trying any of the Evergreen Herbal THC drinkables for the first time. While these bottles may look like a regular 8oz bottle, an inverted bottom makes the 6.3oz bottle seem larger than it is. Try measuring a small amount in a glass to get a more accurate idea of how much you’re actually consuming in a single sitting.

Sir, Yes Sir! Major

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If you’re having a tough time deciding whether you want a shot or a regular 11-12oz cocktail, Major’s THC Drinkables might be just what you’ve been searching for. Their 6.7oz bottles are eerily similar to the famous hours-long plastic bottles you find in gas stations and convenience stores, but don’t let their size fool you. Each of these bottles contains a whopping 200mL of liquid with a 100mg infusion of THC. Their current flavors are vacation-themed and are sure to bring a smile to your face as you read them: Volcanic Orange Mango, Pacific Coast Blue Raspberry, Sacred Grape, Dreamin’ of Passion, and Sunset Pink Lemonade.

The brand boasts an ingredient list of all-natural flavorings like pure cane sugar and fresh lemon juice. While the tart fruit flavor does an excellent job of masking the slightly bitter taste of cannabis, the aftertaste may require a chaser to fully eradicate. The effects are also varied in terms of kick-in time, ranging from a mere half hour to a solid two hours, meaning you should have an extensive window in which to expect the effects to begin. New and inexperienced users should proceed cautiously with small doses (about 1/10th of the bottle) to avoid feeling any overwhelming effects.


Cannabis-infused beverages are quickly becoming a fan favorite for a variety of reasons. Edibles like gummies and “funny” baked goods have dominated the industry for years, while inhalables like vape carts and joints have traditionally been the quickest way to get high. Yet drinkable THC offers a simpler more modern approach to getting high quickly and effectively. The variety of strengths, sizes, and flavorful options may offer a viable alternative to alcoholic beverages traditionally consumed at social gatherings or at the end of a long day.

Before you rush off to your nearest THC beverage retailer, there are a few things to keep in mind. Always start off with low doses, regardless of how tasty the drink is. Some drinks will have a stronger cannabis flavor that may require a chaser to rid your mouth of the offending flavor. Be sure to do your research on the brand itself, confirm that high-quality cannabis and ingredients are used, and that the effects of the cannabis are consistent. All of the brands we’ve mentioned have set themselves apart in terms of premium products offered and high-quality ingredients used and outstanding customer service. Getting high is no longer a taboo recreational pastime; it can be freely enjoyed by of-age adults who seek a reward for a long day’s work or simply as a way to mellow out on a day off. Regardless of how you consume cannabis, we’re confident that our list of THC drinkables will have you enjoying a warm and euphoric high in a matter of minutes. Raise your glass in a toast and get toasty with our list of top THC drinkables from exceptional brands found within the Pacific Northwest!

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