The Top Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2023  

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Shanesha Scott

Shanesha Scott is an author and inspiration to thousands of people around the world. In 2021, Shanesha wrote her first book, “When I Got Sick: A Story of Tragedy & Triumph,” after her battle with the incurable autoimmune disease polymyositis. After months of physical therapy and healing, Shanesha decided to pursue another dream of hers: dancing. Despite being unable to walk, lift her arms, or swallow at one point, she is grateful to be able to move her limbs again. To learn more about Shanesha and purchase her book, visit her website at or click this link:

Claudia Elliott

Minister Claudia Elliott is the founder and executive director of New Beginning Healthcare, a program for transitioning homeless men, women, and children. The organization is also a licensed home care agency providing personal care services to disabled individuals. Minister Elliott is the author of “Breaking the Curse,” “Answering the Call,” and a co-author of “Soul Cries” and “Queen Esther’s Royal Code.” She is an Amazon best-selling author and a gospel recording artist. Minister Elliott holds a degree in Biblical Studies from Ames University. Visit to learn more.

Kelly Ong

Kelly Ong is a Singaporean entrepreneur and best-selling author on a mission to help people enjoy more and worry less in life. After years of determination, effort, and guidance from her mentors, Kelly overcame her limitations and became one of the world’s most exceptional financial advisors, achieving consecutive Top of the Table (TOT) qualifications in 2021 and 2022. Along the way, Kelly co-founded Aphoenity, an elite financial advisory firm where she imparts her values and helps other high performers achieve success. You can connect with Kelly on LinkedIn (@kellyonghq) and find out more about Aphoenity at

Willie J.

Willie J. is an internationally known entrepreneur, artist, author, speaker, and coach from Illinois. As the head of Pure Mission Entertainment, Willie has released many hit musical charity projects that have been heard in 184 countries and garnered nearly 20 million streams. He has been featured in Yahoo’s Top 10 Entrepreneurs, GQ Magazine, and the Forbes Entrepreneurs section, and his company was named the #1 Fastest Growing Company in the NY Weekly. Willie is on a mission to create more hope globally through arts and entertainment. You can follow him on Instagram (@williejpme) and visit his website,

Patrick Galang

Patrick Galang is a former Sales Director in the finance sector who made a transition into the online coaching space in 2019. He has worked with leading coaches in various industries and helped generate sales of over $3 million collectively. In June 2021, Patrick founded Setters & Closers, a sales recruitment and consulting business that focuses on building and managing high-performing remote sales teams. Patrick has built and managed numerous 7 and 8-figure businesses and is positioning his company for further growth in 2023. You can follow him on Instagram and visit his website,

Seth Yudof

Seth Yudof, Jayson Pearson, and Jimmy Maynes are the founders of Fan Rebellion (, a company that is bringing a new democratized funding model to live entertainment. All three have managed Grammy-winning artists and produced successful shows, and under Fan Rebellion, they specialize in the development and production of ticketed events and attractions. Their business model gives everyday investors a chance to share in the success of their ventures, even in markets like Las Vegas, which are generally not open to outsiders. They focus on destination-worthy entertainment concepts and niches that fall in the blindspots of the dominant large entertainment companies.

Kim Bright

Kim Bright is the CEO of, an Atlanta-based marketing and advertising agency helping brands, businesses, government agencies, and municipalities “Get Seen and Heard” on TV media. As a media buyer, TV commercial producer, and writer, Kim and her creative team have produced campaigns that have appeared on NBC, Lifetime, AMC, BET, A&E, USA, and more. As Starborn Media celebrates 10 years in 2023, Kim shares that “we look forward to welcoming new advertisers who are ready to expand their reach from broadcast TV and streaming content on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, to web and social media marketing.”

Cristhofer Munoz

Cristhofer Munoz is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and award-winning international speaker from Rincon, La Vega in the Dominican Republic. Despite being only 28 years old, Cristhofer has already demonstrated his defiance of all the odds stacked against him from birth. He is a polymath, with diverse skills and interests, and has held positions as a Senior Product Manager at Microsoft and the head of Level Up Enterprises, a seven-figure self-development and entrepreneurial organization focusing on a variety of asset classes including equities trading, ecommerce, real estate, and technology.

Melody Fraser

Melody Fraser is the founder of Blissful Waters Float Center, a platform in The Woodlands, Texas, that helps people decompress, relax, and lead joyful lives. Melody is on a mission to change how mental health conditions are treated and will be releasing two books in 2023.

Alyssa Webb-McCune

Alyssa Webb-McCune is a Licensed Professional Counselor and the owner of Natural Balance Counseling, a private practice in Texas. She helps adults regain their peace of mind and restore balance to their lives by managing stress levels and addressing issues related to grief/loss, trauma, depression, relationships, and anxiety. Alyssa is passionate about helping individuals from all walks of life work through their mental health issues and provides compassionate care to help them find balance and peace. She has also released a book this year, “Intentional Self-Love.”

Dr. Karen Hardy

Dr. Karen Hardy is a seasoned professional who has inspired her industry for nearly 20 years. Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul, noted that Dr. Hardy will “help millions break free from the crippling fears of risk,” and she has done so by pushing the boundaries within a traditional industry with her innovative and creative thought leadership. She launched Flip This Risk® Brands (Books, Podcast, Academy) and even produced an Emmy-winning documentary to elevate diverse voices in the industry literature and reinvigorate industry content. Follow her on Instagram and visit her site,

Anita D. Russell

Anita D. Russell is a personal transformation expert, professional speaker, international best-selling author, podcaster, and the founder/CEO of The Place to SOAR. She is a Global Business Connector for the Women Speakers Association, a visibility platform for women, and empowers “BridgeCrossers,” individuals crossing the bridge of discomfort into learning and growing to catalyze personal transformation. Anita’s Activism Through Coaching Model focuses on personal transformation and encourages courage, conversation, relationship, and accountability in the antiracism space. She is the producer of the InflexionPoint Podcast and the Annual Antiracism Activation Summit. Learn more on her website,, and follow her on Instagram.

Royston G King

Royston G King is a Forbes 30 Under 30, Top 10 Entrepreneur, and Fortune Most Impactful Leader, self-made and world-renowned multi-millionaire award-winning 8-figure serial entrepreneur, multiple best-selling author, celebrity socialite media personality, world’s most coveted sought after preeminent advisor partner, most requested TEDx & keynote speaker, world-leading philanthropist, and supreme sovereign of wealth & fame creation. He is an investor and board member of over 100 companies across hundreds of industries and 6 continents, with enterprise value surpassing $1+ billion. He has over 12 million direct personal social media followers, 1 million members, and 1 billion views.

Ivan Reyes

Ivan Reyes is a Gold-Record selling music producer who has spent his 20s building a music marketing network that has helped numerous aspiring artists to reach international markets and build their fan base. Growing up in poverty, his humble beginnings inspired him to start his own company, RXN Media. Since 2018, Ivan has also invested in startup companies, providing them with the capital needed to grow into successful businesses. In the future, Ivan plans to start a foundation to help recovering addicts in memory of his late uncle. Visit for more information.

Lori Bruton

Lori Bruton is an author, speaker, freelance and travel writer. She is teaching people how to live the lives they were born to live using The LORI Factor. She has been featured in articles and on podcasts. Her story is shocking and amazing about how she slayed her enemy in a church parking lot and lived to tell about it. Now, she is living life to the fullest and showing others how they can too. Her books, courses, and resources help people get unstuck and transform their lives. Follow Lori’s journey of wellness, travel, and more @loribrutonbiz and visit

Muibi Kehinde Hammed

Muibi Kehinde Hammed is the Chief Executive Officer of MKH Group. He is an award-winning entrepreneur with experience in the real estate and banking sector. Kehinde is a passionate, dedicated, and value-driven solution provider in the Nigerian real estate sector. Visit for more information.

Dr. Clinton Bullock

Dr. Clinton Bullock founded Clinton Bullock Worldwide (CBW) in 2020. In just two years, he has been featured on numerous media platforms, including FOX, CBS, and NBC, and even graced the cover of JM Magazine. Dr. Bullock’s popularity is based on the success of CBW, an international life and career coaching practice that has assisted in the empowerment, transformation, and forward progress of thousands of people and organizations on three different continents. His first book, the 18 Rules of Engagement to Interpersonal Communication, became a 5x #1 New Release and a 3x Top 10 Amazon Bestseller. Contact for more information.

Jacques Pierre

Jacques Pierre is a 23-year-old real estate investor who has already bought and sold over 100 homes in his 4-year career. In addition to his successful track record, he also manages a team of 14 and is dedicated to mentoring others on how to get started in the industry. With a passion for helping others achieve their goals and a proven track record of success, this young entrepreneur is certainly one to watch in the world of real estate. Follow him on Instagram at @enterprisejayy.

David Fisher

David Fisher is a unique and rising star in the international speaking world. Michael Tranmer, Founder of the YVR Speaker Series, says “David is engaging, informed, passionate – a trusted speaker for a wide variety of audiences.” David donates a percentage to non-profit organizations that focus on social justice and/or environmental sustainability. Jeff Monnery, of Monnery Films, says “David is not just another motivational speaker, he…deeply cares about an audience so much that he will do his best to thoroughly help them be a better version of themselves.” Find more about David’s impactful keynotes, workshops, and coaching at

Charisma Carson

Charisma Carson is an award-winning financial educator who is bridging the gap for people looking for financial solutions in their youth and at any age that leads to early retirement. The 39-year-old entrepreneur is always cultivating something for the betterment of people. She started Smart Wealth University, with an unveiled agenda in mind that grew to 12,000 members. She grew her own seven-figure (soon to be eight-figure) financial firm. We look forward to seeing what she has planned in 2023. Follow her on Instagram @charismacarson and visit her website at

Laura K Walker

Laura K Walker inspires and empowers those who are drawn to her. She coaches and mentors her clients to live their highest vision in the context of love, joy, core values, and Divine inspiration. Her passion is teaching clients to unlock their true God-given potential, achieve outrageous success, and live a life they love living! In her workshops and coaching programs, she facilitates the breakthrough from self-limiting blocks and human paradigms within her clients so they can proactively achieve greater results than they have ever known before, personally and professionally.

Martaveous Holliday

Martaveous Holliday is a 27 year old Fashion designer and Business owner who has inspired people through his transition from an All American College Athlete to a Six-figure Business man.  He opened up his first Boutique Open Air in 2020 located in Long Beach California. Open Air has since expanded to Melrose Ave in West Hollywood, one of the most prestigious shopping areas in the world. Open Air is a luxury streetwear brand that also stocks other luxury streetwear brands, exclusive footwear,home goods and collectibles at their locations. Personal Instagram: @martaveousholliday Brand page: @openairofficial Website:

Oxana Lovich

Oxana Lovich is a born seeker who has transformed her life through the study and implementation of various self-actualizing techniques, which she has crafted into her own system and successfully imparts to her clients. Oxana’s mission is to elevate the positive consciousness of humanity. Oxana has certificates from Berkeley University, Marisa Peer’s Rapid Transformational Therapy, The Silva Method Academy, Sussex Hypnotherapy Centre and the Academy of Ancient Magic. In addition, she is a CBT and NLP practitioner and Reiki Master. She has also shared the stage as a motivational speaker alongside Russell Brand, Jack Canfield, John Gray, and Gregg Braden.

Cris Cawley

Cris Cawley is an award-winning coach and the CEO of Game Changer Publishing. She began her career in 1998 and has positively impacted over 155,000 entrepreneurs through her book publishing services and strategic coaching programs. Cawley helps her clients leverage their expertise for more income, impact and influence, through publishing a best selling book. She’s been featured on many stages alongside some of the country’s most sought-after thought leaders and has a passion for helping entrepreneurs make a positive impact on the world and profit from a best selling book. Follow her on Instagram at and visit for more information.

Krista Carter

Krista is the Founder of A Loyal Society, a A Loyal Society is a lifestyle gifting company that creates modern gift boxes with self care essentials for fabulous women. Krista’s intention is to create inspiring relaxation-themed gift boxes with a sense of elegance and ease. Her passion for the highest quality products, paired with an expert eye for small details along with a personalized touch make A Loyal Society products and gift boxes a standout to support self care for you and those you cherish.  You can learn more at or by following @aloyalsociety on Instagram.

Joshua Maddux

Joshua Maddux is a Los Angeles based entrepreneur and podcast host. Joshua’s passion behind every entrepreneur having a predictable and measurable sales method comes from his desire to spend more time away from the office. His company, 95Visual, has helped companies scale their businesses over the past 15 years. In 2023 Joshua is planning to help more entrepreneurs tell their stories, grow their businesses, and take back control of their lives. Follow Joshua on Instagram and visit his website to keep up to date on what he is doing and get in touch with him.

Ina Johnson Myers

Ina Johnson Myers is a CEO, international speaker, and 3-time bestselling author. She is also a certified life coach and retired Army combat veteran who specializes in narcissistic abuse awareness, recovery, and victim prevention. Ina advocates for women to understand the difference between healthy and narcissistic love and relationships, and to adopt a Christian approach to dealing with toxic personalities. She helps women be aware of who they allow into their lives and not ignore red flags. You can learn more about Ina at

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