When one thinks of Switzerland, one conjures images of a happy, armed and yet war-adverse people who wear chic watches, carry fussy little knives and hike in majestic mountains while eating milk chocolate bars. (Hopefully we crammed every possible stereotype in to that one sentence.) Who knew they're also small scale producers of grove to table spaghetti? And who knew spaghetti was a crop at all?

But it is, and the Swiss do it right, according to a recently resurfaced, and totally excellent educational BBC video. Check it out after the jump.

Considering how removed we are from our agricultural roots and how little some people really know about where their food comes from, we wouldn't be surprised if this was taken seriously, but with April Fools' day behind us, we won't try to pass it off as authentic.

We can say it's awesome though and have decided to spend a few pre-bikini-season weeks pretending that pasta really is a carefully cultivated Swiss crop. Locavorism be damned. Might not do much for the waistline, but will make us smile.


Rachael has a lot of Swiss-German relatives and can be found on Twitter @chickswknives

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