UPDATE: Daniel Wright-Fresco was released from prison on Oct. 10, 2014, and soon after, was back at his post guarding The Smell.

In February Daniel Wright-Fresco, the homeless man who considers himself a security guard at downtown DIY punk venue The Smell, was arrested

The mostly-beloved Skid Row resident was charged with the crime of “criminal threats” after flashing his knife. Shortly before his trial was to take place on Friday, he cut a deal, and was sentenced to serve 486 days in prison.


His crime was threatening Ignacio Nava, an employee at a used car dealership near The Smell. After Wright-Fresco opened a car door for a female customer, Nava asked him to leave the dealership. 

According to Nava's testimony, Wright-Fresco threatened him, saying, “Motherfucker, you want to know what it's like to fuck with a Salvadorian?” He then showed his knife, which was hidden under his shirt, tucked into the waist of his pants.

Neither Wright-Fresco nor his attorney was available for comment.

“I miss having him around,” says Smell owner Jim Smith. “I really feel he was misunderstood in this case.”

For the majority of the venue's 14 year history, Wright-Fresco has been associated with The Smell, helping enforce the no-alcohol policy, and helping patrons to their cars.

Judging by the letters from patrons that have been sent to Smith in Wright-Fresco's defense — portraying him as an integral part of the Smell experience — his absence will be felt. 

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