In 2022, people began getting married from left to right. The idea that most of us have already reached an age where marriage is already a stable option is quite surprising. Imagine that people born in 2000 are already getting married. It’s really wild. With that said, marriage often results in major decisions, like having a baby. While some parents choose names in advance, others only come up with a name as they are holding their newborn. If you want to decide on a baby name before everything else and avoid getting hate from your kid in the future for making them have a weird name, you may want to see all the most popular baby names of 2022. 

Who is responsible for coming up with the list of the most popular baby names in the US? 

The list of the top baby names in the US is compiled by the Social Security Administration (SSA). As of late, the list of popular baby names has not yet been reflected in the SSA’s database

There are other organizations that compile baby names as well. Although they’re not directly related to the government like the SSA, they still provide people with accurate results. Such organizations would be the BabyCenter. 

According to their official website, BabyCenter provides information that is expertly written and doctor approved. Their results are evidence-based as well. 

Most popular baby names of 2022 

Whether you’re having a boy or a girl, coming up with baby names isn’t as easy as anyone would’ve thought it to be, and that’s okay! This is why lists of popular baby names exist on the internet. Parents often resort to such lists to help them name their newborns. 

As the year ends, results have reached a consensus. Liam and Olivia are the most widely used girl and boy baby names in 2022, respectively. These two names have reigned supreme since 2021 too. 

As for the top ten baby names in 2022, the results have shown the following:


Girls  Boys 
Olivia  Liam 
Emma  Noah 
Amelia  Oliver 
Ava  Elijah 
Sophia  Mateo 

*Based on BabyCenter’s results 

What’s your favorite baby name of 2022?

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