The Modern Day Apostolic Power Couple: Dr. Miz Mzwakhe & Charisma Tancredi on Faith, Marriage, and their Success Story, Beyond the Church

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In an age where faith and entrepreneurship often walk separate paths, one couple has managed to intertwine them into a harmonious dance of love, success and spiritual enlightenment. Meet Dr. Miz Mzwakhe Tancredi and Charisma Tancredi, the modern-day apostolic power couple. Their story is one of faith and family, and a flourishing empire built not through the church but through entrepreneurship and real estate investments.

A Love Story Rooted in Faith

At the core of the Tancredis’ journey lies a love story that transcends the ordinary. Embracing the belief that love begins at home, they champion the sanctity of marriage and embody a biblical perspective that celebrates the mystery, gift and ministry of matrimony. Together, they have nurtured a family of three children, multiple businesses and philanthropic organizations.

The New Life Global Church: A Beacon of Hope

Dr. Miz Mzwakhe Tancredi’s ministry began with humble gatherings in Mpumalanga, South Africa. Today, the New Life Global Church stands as a global beacon of hope, with branches extending beyond South Africa to various continents. Characterized by extraordinary signs, miracles and wonders, the church has become a transformative force, ushering in salvation, healing and deliverance to countless souls.

Best-Selling Authors with a Message

The Tancredis are not just ministers; they are literary voices resonating across the globe. Dr. Tancredi’s debut book, Command Your Success, achieved remarkable acclaim, followed by insightful publications like How to See Angels, Why Women Fail Men and The Meaning of My Dreams. These works offer profound insights into life and spirituality, reaching readers worldwide.

Entrepreneurship and Real Estate: Building Wealth Beyond the Church

The Tancredis emphasize that their wealth was not earned through the church but increased through entrepreneurship and investing in real estate. Their business acumen has led to a thriving empire, from clothing fashion lines to development projects. Their Millionaire’s Club, soon to be renamed the Billionaire’s Club, has birthed numerous successful entrepreneurs, imparting fundamental business principles and fostering a mindset of success.

A Global Invitation to Transformation

The Tancredis’ journey is an open invitation to all. Through their Online Ministry website and  YouTube channel, they offer a wealth of knowledge on various topics, inviting everyone to be part of their global spiritual revolution.


Dr. Miz Mzwakhe and Charisma Tancredi are more than a power couple; they are a force of nature, seamlessly blending faith, family and financial success. Their story is a testament to the power of belief, the strength of partnership, and the limitless possibilities that await those who dare to dream beyond conventional boundaries.

In a world all too often torn between the spiritual and the material, the Tancredis offer a refreshing narrative that celebrates both. They remind us that faith is not a retreat from the world but an engagement with it, and that success, in all its forms, is not just attainable but a divine right.

Join them on this extraordinary journey, and discover a new way to live, love, and thrive. The Tancredis are not just preaching a new life; they are living it. And they invite you to do the same.

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