The Invaluable Role Editors Fill in the Creator Space

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When the majority of people watch content on the internet, they think of the creators as the person who is solely responsible for the video—but that is often far from true. Behind many prominent online personalities and content creators is one unsung hero—a video editor.

Video editors are invaluable workers in the creator space. Without them, many of your favorite content channels simply wouldn’t exist. Whether you can’t get enough of your favorite Instagram influencer’s Reels, or you end your days watching videos from your favorite YouTube channels, chances are that your preferred source of entertainment is linked to a talented video editor operating behind the scenes.

One excellent example of this is Will (William Nielsen), the secret force at work behind content from famed YouTubers Tyler Oliveira and Moose. Boasting just under 2.5 million subscribers and over 5 million subscribers respectively, these YouTube stars continuously create content that is eye-catching and known to go viral. The viral nature of their content isn’t a matter of chance—it is personally engineered by Will.

The videos that Nielsen edits are manufactured in a way that resonates with audiences around the world, making them very popular. He approaches each project with a vision, taking his clients’ video focuses and turning them into captivating narratives that will capture the attention of their growing audiences. Executing his vision has Will celebrating a long list of top videos on YouTube from Oliveira, Moose, and other prominent YouTube creators.

While enjoying a 12-minute video, you might not think too hard about what goes into it. The reality, however, is a significant amount of work—work that proves just how absolutely invaluable editors are for other creators. A video editor can be responsible for condensing hours upon hours of content just for them to be simplified into a 3-minute clip. Each take must be chosen, edited, and merged with other pieces to create the videos that you know and love.

Post-production work can take general footage and turn it directly into high-energy content. Video editors are known to keep an eye out for potential storylines while they review content, but sometimes less entertaining footage needs a special touch. This is where post-production work comes in handy, turning seemingly simple footage into iconic moments in a video. Often, editors can take a mistake in filming and turn it into an engaging high-energy scene.

Adding in voiceovers that spin the narrative and pulling together footage on a tight deadline are all in a day’s work for video editors. The content that you count on every week has to be filmed and edited within that timespan—leading to many split decisions and late nights to create these videos. When you watch a great video from your favorite content creator, remember that every moment was chosen and pulled together by an equally incredible video editor. Without these professionals, YouTube and Instagram just wouldn’t be what they are today.

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