The Garden Glance: Compound Genetics

Legendary Orange Apricot F2 is another absolute stunner. The intense citrus loaded terpene profile doesn’t just come across in the flower as some absolutely breathtaking concentrates are now on the market. LOA’s genetics featured in the L.A. Weekly’s Coachella Desert Smoke-Off 2019 in Glazed Apricot Gelato. (Photo by Erik Christiansen)(Erik Christiansen)There is plenty of debate around which of Compound Genetics offerings is creating the most excitement at the moment, but you have to include Horchata in the argument. The pairing of Mochi Gelato and Jet Fuel Gelato jumps out of the jar with creamy hints of spice and pine when you smell it and smokes equally enjoyable. Expect to see a wave of people attempting to get this one into the lineup. (Photo by Chewberto420))(Erik Christiansen)Among Compound Genetics' hits is the Menthol. It brings together the always popular Gelato #45 with a White Diesel x (High Octane x Jet Fuel) blend. You can expect this one to live up to its name as the best versions have a terpene profile with hints of mint and menthol. (Photo by Erik Christiansen)(Erik Christiansen)(Photo by Erik Christiansen)(Erik Christiansen)Affectionately referred to as Jetlato by many connoisseurs, the rise of Jet Fuel Gelato was a quick one over the last few years. Bringing together a gassy OG phenotype with the second generation of cookies hype was a no brainer, and the results are just as enjoyable as you’d expect. (Photo by Erik Christiansen)(Erik Christiansen)Jet Fuel OG(Erik Christiansen)While the ladies get most of the credit when it comes to great cannabis genetics, males are a key part of the process. Finding a vibrant male like the Jet Fuel Gelato featured here can be a gamechanger. This proven dad proved to be a key ingredient in some Compounds Genetics current lineup. (Photo by Erik Christiansen)(Erik Christiansen)While growers will germinate a number of seeds, the ultimate goal for many is finding a winning phenotype they can hold on to for some time by taking a cutting from mother plants. Best case scenario, that winner is a representation of all the best things about the strains flavor profile with a potent kick. If they are really lucky it will yield well, but that’s certainly not always the case with elite cannabis. (Photo by Erik Christiansen)(Erik Christiansen)(Photo by Erik Christiansen)(Erik Christiansen)

In our inaugural Garden Glance, we take a look at some of the heat coming out of Compound Genetics right now as viewed by the amazing lenses of Erik Christiansen and Chewberto420.

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