We’ve got some of the hottest new tech, hype, and heat for you to help your dad start the liftoff countdown this Father’s Day.

We wouldn’t want Dad smoking any mids, unless he really likes bulk deals. That being said, with how far in the gutter cannabis prices are these days, nobody should be smoking trash. 

But this list is a spectacle of science, terpenes and the newest new gear we imagine many will be lining up to get their hands on. After the accessory-heavy 7/10 hash festivities, there is an argument to be made about Father’s Day being in the debate for runner-up, when it comes to “gear holidays” in the cannabis space. 

So here is our rundown of the stuff we know you and Dad will love this year:

Puffco Proxy

Courtesy of Puffco

Does Dad like cutting-edge shit? Nice. The Proxy dropped on Wednesday. Puffco’s first foray into dry concentrate consumption since the Puffco Plus in 2016 is an absolute banger. Be sure to read our full thoughts on the Proxy that were published on launch day. Nevertheless, it’s certainly one of the coolest ways to make concentrates more accessible for your dad. He’ll be high out of his mind in no time, without the threat of spilling anything. 

Vibes X Pelican Mini Case

Courtesy of Vibes

In the convergence of two absolute clout storms that would ground air traffic for hours, Vibes and Pelican have teamed up to bring us the perfect mini case for an afternoon of weed essentials. Now is the case just a Pelican 1010 Micro Case series with a gold vibes logo? Sure. Is a Pelican a pinch overboard for some papers and a lighter? Maybe. But I bet Dad’s papers will never get wet or be crushed again, and isn’t that peace of mind worth something? And he’ll be participating in the further normalization of cannabis with a mainstream brand like Pelican dabbling in the space. 

Kiva S’mores Chocolate Bar

Courtesy of Kiva

Dads love S’mores, and Kiva’s new S’mores Chocolate Bar adds weed to the mix. It’s a bar of sweet milk chocolate that is then covered in chewy marshmallow pieces before being finished off with crunchy graham cracker chunks. Even better? The 100mg chocolate bars are infused with water hash and not some random dirtstillate, this makes for a much better body high in the opinion of many. 

Plants to Grow

Courtesy of Seed Junky

There are plenty of places around greater Los Angeles to get your hands on some clones, or even teens given were a little into the season now. But if he has room in the backyard and he’s not a prude, go for it. The best-case scenario is he gets tired of taking care of everything by mid-July and you take over. Then when the terps start to show a few weeks later and he comes back, you can look like the benevolent son or daughter welcoming him back under your umbrella of homegrown heat and love. Some of the most popular clones in town like the ones on the rack above come from the Seed Junky team. But unless you catch them at an event you’ll need a legal farm to get your hands on some. 

Dee Thai Gummies

Courtesy of Dee

You don’t like to hear about all of dad’s adventures in Thailand, but the weed ones sure did sound fun, right? Well, have him take a trip down memory lane with Dee Thai Gummies. With Thailand recently becoming the first country in Asia to legalize cannabis, there is a lot of information flying around over the last week. And while smoking recreationally isn’t technically legal, Tom Kruesopon, better known as Mr. Cannabis in Thailand, told L.A. Weekly not to listen to the noise, and you can’t be put in jail for weed anymore. As for the gummies, Pineapple is the best flavor, but we won’t hold it against you if you like the Lychee better. 

First Annual Cap’s Cup 

Legendary local breeder Capulator went all out for his first cup. Breeders were selected from a pool of over 300 via a random number generator and then randomly placed into brackets with seven other breeders, making eight in each bracket. Cap sourced two packs of each breeder’s work directly, through his forum, or from the open market.   

Those packs were grown out, and all the unstable genetics were documented and culled.  

Everything that made it through that first round was flowered again, at which time selections were made based on what Cap and his crew interpreted as the best plant from each breeder’s packs.  

“These selections were run again, and the flower is now boxed up for the first annual cup,” Cap told L.A. Weekly. “The entire process has taken just over a year. I believe this is the first cup of its kind, where one good grower grows out a bunch of other people’s gear, and then submits it to the public to decide, as opposed to individual growers submitting their best work. It also highlights the overall quality of the breeders’ work.”

The boxes are $320 with tax included and will be available in time for the holiday at Peace of Green this weekend.  

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