The Crystal Method and Jesika Von Rabbit Play Long Beach: This is a superb double bill at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach on Saturday. Iconic electronic act the Crystal Method, aka Scott Kirkland, joins forces with the queen of the hi-desert herself Jesika von Rabbit.

The Crystal Method recently released the “House Broken” single featuring Naz Tokio. “Created during the height of the Covid lockdown, ‘House Broken’ is a ready for the floor banger featuring powerfully poignant vocals from Naz Tokio, serpentine synths and drop that will bring the room to a boil,” said The Crystal Method Scott Kirkland in a press release. “Mixed and produced by TCM and Mark Evans, it is genre bending future classic like Method tracks ‘Busy Child’ and ‘Ghost In The City.’”

Meanwhile, Jesika von Rabbit told us back in 2018: “I think vocally I get a little bit more free with my voice as I get older. I know how it works and I’m very confident. I don’t know if it’s changed a lot, but I’m always open to trying out different voices that maybe I haven’t used before. Writing-wise on this album, it’s maybe more of a full band experience and not just an electronic album. The last one was a lot more electronic programming, keys, my voice and some bass and guitar but mostly just, like, me alone in a studio making everything. With this, I produced it with Ethan Allen [also of Gram Rabbit]. I demoed it all up here at Joshua Tree and then I brought it to Ethan in L.A., and he laid a bunch of great rock guitar on it, real drums, so it’s a much fuller, more expansive sound. So getting to be in the studio with him again definitely expanded the sound and made it more panoramic and full.”

The Crystal Method and Jesika Von Rabbit Play Long Beach: The event takes place at 8 p.m. on Saturday, November 20 at Alex’s Bar.


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