The Best Sushi In LA? Ootoro Sushi Is Exactly What We’ve Been Craving

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Sushi cravings. We all get them, but why are they so hard to satiate? High-quality, fresh sushi and sashimi is harder to come by than we’d expect, but our need for melt-in-your mouth fish has had us searching high and low for the best sushi in Los Angeles. With Ootoro Sushi we’ve found not only the best sushi in L.A., but the answer to every sushi craving we’ve ever had. 

With three locations – Little Tokyo, Irvine, Walnut – Ootoro Sushi is the true high-end sushi restaurant you’ve been dreaming of. With a 5-star omakase menu that can only be described as edible art, Ootoro Sushi is Japanese fine dining at its best. 

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“We use only the best seasonal seafood selection and ingredients worldwide to create our Omakase and menu to provide customers with the full and authentic omakase experience, from sushi to kaiseki,” explains owner and head chef, Kurt Chen. 

Ootoro Sushi’s exclusive and rare ingredients are prepared fresh daily, perfect for the sushi lover and beyond with offerings like Kobe beef and Tajima beef. 

“More than 70% of our ingredients are shipped from Japan overnight to retain freshness and taste. About 30% are from Scotland (Salmon) and Spain (Bluefin Tuna) because of the excellent and clean water quality and suitable environments for the fish in the areas,” Chef Chen tells L.A. Weekly

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We frequent their little Tokyo location, celebrated for its incredible five-star menus in both the kitchen and the bar. 

“OOTORO Little Tokyo has the best selection of fish, seafood, sake, and wine,” agrees Chef Chen. “We also have a full bar serving a variety of cocktails and famous/unique Japanese Whiskey. Our bartender, Erik, will make sure he satisfies even the pickiest of customers with his cocktail creations.”

As cocktail aficionados ourselves, we can attest to the wonders bartender Erik alchemizes. 

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No matter how incredible the drinks or how delicate the Kobe beef is, we always come back to Ootoro Sushi’s menu of fresh fish, sushi and sashimi. A favorite food of many, good sushi is not only one of the healthiest foods but also has a light but umami taste. Accompanied by a variety of ingredients, sushi can almost satisfy everyone’s unique preferences. But the best? Ootoro, promises Chef Chen – a cut of fish so divine he named his business after it. 

“OOTORO,” answers Chef Chen. “Because this is the best part of Bluefin Tuna, and you can serve it in different ways, such as raw, seared, cooked, steamed, and pan-fried. You can even make delicious fried rice with it.” 

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If you’re craving Japan-quality sushi in the heart of L.A., pay a visit to Oootoro Sushi. Their menu is the thing of dreams, with dishes you’ve only wished for up until now. How do they create such mind-blowing culinary art? With the experience and dedication that only a master sushi chef can bring to the table. 

“Our sushi chef (Little Tokyo location), Okabe San, was originally from Tokyo, Japan, and he has over 40 years of experience making sushi,” praises Chef Chen. “He learned how to cook and prepare Japanese food from his father when he was a child. His father was also an outstanding sushi chef in Japan.”

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Ootoro Sushi is the sushi restaurant of our dreams. From a delicious menu and stiff drinks to prices that’ll keep you coming back every time you feel that familiar craving.

What are you waiting for?! An unforgettable culinary experience awaits at Ootoro Sushi.

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