Every year we publish a rundown of the best pot in town, and much of the time the world. Despite the world being closed for much of the last year, we still found plenty of fantastic cannabis products for you to get your hands on. 

Masonic Seed Co – Wilson

Masonic getting Wilson seeds out to the masses at a recent popup.

Masonic selling seeds at a popup. – Photo: Jimi Devine

When we talked to Masonic in February, things were already popping for the Compton Landrace. The year has only continued to provide more accolades for his efforts. His signature Wilson strain is one of the few things not named GMO or Papaya that can pump out solid hash numbers. This has led to a variety of people starting to mess with his gear in hopes of finding a phenotype that pumps out hash. We’re sitting on a pack of Uncrustables (Wilson F2 x Peanut Butter Breath) we want to pop outside next summer. 


Compound – Red Bullz

Compound Genetics Red Bullz

Photo courtesy of Compound Genetics

We fully admit we’re a little spoiled when it comes to compound genetics. Not many people outside their team get to see as many of their new elite selections as we do. This is both a blessing and a curse. When you see something magical a year before it ends up in full production somewhere it almost feels like a tragedy watching the months go by as you wait to smoke it again. Nevertheless, we carry on. As the Jokerz gets ready to steamroll the public’s definition of heat, we’ve already seen Compound’s next magical offering named Red Bullz. We expect the pairing of Grape Gas and White Runtz will be considered among Compound’s best work by most. 


DEO Farms – Zoap


Photo courtesy of DEO Farms

We told you first about the Zoap in the Pandemic Picks Best of Lockdown last February, and then later in the summer we would cover the whole Streets to Heat Story of Deep East Oakland Farms. Well, the rest of Los Angeles certainly agreed with us. DEO Farms has easily risen to be among the ranks of L.A.’s favorite imports. This past summer, DEO Farms explained exclusively to L.A. Weekly that the Zoap was the #21 pheno out of the Rainbow Sherbert #16 F2 line. It’s also the female they used to take the famed RS line to F3. They are yet to release anything from that line but we are hyped for the day they do. 


The Ten Co – Zushi

Zushi took top honors in

Photo courtesy of The Ten Co.

There is a solid argument to be made that after the inaugural edition of the Emerald Cup, Zalympix was the biggest thing anyone could win during the pandemic. And while Zushi already has a spot in the hearts and minds of those who love high-impact cannabis, taking home the Zalympix trophy only hit the gas on the excitement levels. We’re excited to see what direction Zushi heads in with all its recent hype, but wherever the hype takes us, it’s going to be very strong. 


Seed Junky Genetics Clones 

One of the most commercially viable seed companies of all time is ramping up production all over the place and local cannabis enthusiasts are sure to be the big winners. This year marks the 10-year anniversary of Wedding Cake, but most notably in recent years has been Seed Junky’s efforts to scale up production. When we recently chatted with them they noted they just finished a new room that doubles the amount of room they have to hunt exquisite selections. Essentially popping their own seeds, finding the best versions possible, and then pumping clones out so farms can have access to those best versions of everything. We have seen the resulting flower from their genetics stock and it is certainly world-class.


Alien Labs – Biskante

Alien Labs Biskante

Photo courtesy of Alien Labs

Our Zalympix top pick had a massive Summer regardless of whether the other judges agree with our take. Add more Polynesian terps than usual, a dash of purple, and some vintage Dracula branding and you’ve got yourself Biskante. The loud and proud offering represented the mid-year fresh flavor from Alien Labs and their constantly rotating stable of fresh heat. As they continue to attempt to find flavors unique to the marketplace, and then grow them well, it’s fair to say at this point Biskante has elbowed its way into Alien Labs’ all-time best list.


CAM – LA Kush

La La Kush logo ig story

Photo courtesy of CAM

We have been pretty loud about our love of CAM here at L.A. Weekly. Most of the time, whatever they are growing is the best version of that strain we have ever seen. It’s likely the prettiest and probably hits a lot harder than other people’s renditions. Be it dessert weed or kush, we stand by this statement and some of the best cannabis we have ever seen from their garden is the batch of LA Kush currently on shelves across the city and state. Even doper, all this insane heat coming out of Sacramento is at a much more competitive price point than the few things of similar quality that exist. It’s like getting a Buggati at Porsche prices. This batch of LA Kush tested over 40% active cannabinoids. And you’re probably saying, “Does that even matter if the state isn’t mandating standard operating procedures in labs until 2023?” Regardless, this is great pot. 


Fidel’s – Hash Hole

Fidels x Cookies Hash Hole

Photo courtesy of Fidel’s by Mario Alpha

We don’t think any pre-rolled anything has ever had as clouty a launch as Fidel’s Hash Hole. Be it the heat rosin inside from the longtime killers at Critical Concentrates, the movement to get hash-filled joints away from police-related donut verbage, or the good vibes at their Kushstock booth, it’s easy to see why people are hyped on Hash Holes. Do they run a pinch more expensive than some of the dirtstillate filled “infused pre-rolls” of the moment? Obviously. As they should. Cannabis is a minefield when speaking on the general concept of getting what you pay for and Hash Holes are one of the safer high-end buys.  


Squintz – Wendy

Squintz Wendy just got new packaging

Photo courtesy of Squintz

We recently caught up with Chauncey Leopardi to talk heat. And while most remember him for the poolside smooch he dropped on Wendy Peffercorn, he has now been growing cannabis for half of his life. Even before our chat, Squitz’ flower line was on our radar. Even the trap life enthusiasts were saying it was good. When we finally got our hands on The Wendy it was easy to see why everyone was so amped. While Leopardi didn’t go too much into genetics with us, as is the case with most people these days, he did say he got the seeds he found it in from Exotic Genetics and emphasized he’s been a big believer in the work they do for some time. 


Zkittelz – ZMO

Zkittles ZMO Jar and Flower

Photo courtesy of The Original Z

In a world of haters that claim to be over the magic of GMO, add a dash of The Original Z and you got yourselves an absolute heater. While the Terp Hogz are more famous for their efforts under the sun in Mendocino, their collaboration with Seven Leaves was insane. ZMO is the best pot we’ve ever seen from them and the previous efforts weren’t anything to shake your head at. I think it’s also fair to say this is one of the hardest-hitting Zkittelz crosses. They’re commonly known for their flavors and highs but this one just hits so much harder. 


Doja Pak – Biscotti x OZK Helium Cut

Doja Pak Biscotti x OZK Helium Pheno

Photo: Jimi Devine

We have been big Doja Pak fans since they first dropped the RS11 bred by DEO Farms and grown out by Wizard Trees. Once again we got a sneak peek at their newest hitter, and we are beyond hyped to share the details. First off, there is no name yet but the cross is Biscotti, a pairing of Gelato #41 and Motorbreath #15, to a special pheno of OZ Kush hunted down in Humboldt County and given the Helium nickname to separate it from the other OZ Kush phenos out there. The Doja Pak team is going to let the community pick the name after they’ve heard some good options. They argue this is how the real best got its name back in the day and are excited to bring the tradition back. 


Buddy’s Chocolate Haus 

Remember earlier this year when we told you Buddy’s Chocolate Haus was banging and then they went on to win three of the top 10 spots in the Emerald Cup a few months later?! We do too! Nevertheless, they are still the heat, and one of the few edibles we are featuring on this list. In a world of venture capital-backed distillate, who doesn’t love a tale of an immigrant family using the skillset that gave them the American Dream to rapidly ascend the cannabis industry while a maelstrom of corporate dogs are desperate for a sliver of the credibility Buddy’s had deservingly earned itself. The only tragedy is they aren’t on more shelves, but we get it, real quality only scales up so far. 

Connected Cannabis  – Gelonade

Gelonade Trophies

Photo courtesy of Connected

In the most coveted indoor cannabis contest arguably ever, Connected Gelonade would reign supreme. Just the idea of the Emerald Cup adding an indoor category in hopes of being more inclusive was enough to stir up emotions in many. Add the debate over who would win and you were really playing with gasoline. But Gelato #41’s pairing with perennial Santa Cruz Mountain killer Lemon Tree was enough to win the judges over. We’re not surprised. The first contest Gelonade ever won was the L.A. Weekly Desert Smoke-Off 2019. While Connected arguably has the best spread of lemon-heavy flavors at the moment, we still find ourselves in love with Gelonade just like the cup judges were. 


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