At the conclusion of our November 1st post about the Los Angeles-baked blog Bread People, we entertained the idea of starting a “cheese-themed spin-off.” Before we could get a tumblr account running though, we discovered that the blog we'd envisioned already existed. While intellectual property lawyers, college professors, and most rappers would agree that imitation is not, in fact, the highest form of flattery, Cheese People, fresh-faced and Brooklyn-cultured, oozed onto the Internet five days before our piece ran. Although Cheese People may have bitten Bread People harder than a week-old crouton, at least it makes sure to drop a fat, gooey, semi-ripened shout-out to the originator on the masthead: “Conceived on sober night in Brooklyn, with a love for our favorite blog Bread People.”

Gastronomically-speaking, bread and cheese belong together. One without the other would be tragic, like “Martin with no Gina, a flight with no visa,” as Kanye says. There's plenty of room on the hors d'ouevres tray for both blogs to flex and potentially combine funky, fermented forces, whether it's Al Gorgonzola cozying up to Arianna Muffington, or Eddie Chedder tucked into Biscuitz Markie. Think of the mash-ups, y'all.

Fruit People must be next. Bananna Paquin. Peech Marin. Jackfruit Lemmon. Make it happen, Internet.

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