Being an avid reader of Wookiepedia, the proud owner of a plastic light-saber you keep holstered next to your cell phone, and a fan of the much-maligned 1978 Christmas special, you probably know this already: Today, May 4th, is Star Wars Day. Get it? “May the fourth be with you” sounds quite a bit like “may the force be with you,” and devotees of the epic series of films will celebrate in their own way. Stormtrooper flash-mobs? Please. Yoda masks? Most likely. You could even purchase some Star War's-themed pancake and cookie molds from Williams-Sonoma. About a year ago, we ran down a list of our favorite Star Wars cakes. Don't know about you. but we would go Jabba the Hut-in-a-tub-full-of-those-slippery-frog-things-he-eats on the Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite cake.

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