SpiritShack’s Advanced HexCom Enhances Ghost Hunting Investigations

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Dwelling in the realm of paranormal investigations aids individuals, families, and communities in not only acknowledging the existence of supernatural elements but also deepening their understanding and appreciation of folklore, unravelling their spiritual beliefs and fears, and examining the societal implications of otherworldly explanations.

Paranormal investigator extraordinaire and founder of SpiritShack, Sam Ashford, embodies an undying curiosity towards ghosts and spirits dwelling unseen around us. For Ashford, every inexplicable paranormal incident offers a chance to probe, discover, and propose possible interpretations for hauntings and supernatural events.

As the largest ghost-hunting equipment provider in the United Kingdom, SpiritShack has flung open the gates to a new realm for spirit seekers not only in the UK but globally. Its high-quality and effective equipment, coupled with the wisdom and advice shared by Ashford himself, have led many to entrust the brand with their paranormal investigations.

Illuminating the Shadows of the Unknown

Ghost hunting, by its very nature, is a dive into the mysterious and inexplicable, a chance to shine light on the hidden and enigmatic. Throughout their decade-long journey of ghost hunting, Ashford and his team have encountered people in need of guidance but unsure of where to turn.

“For years, I’ve been approached by many seeking to establish contact with a departed loved one,” Ashford recounts. “Others grapple with unexplained activities at home and long to uncover the root cause.”

Noticing an increasing fascination with the supernatural among the younger generation and a mounting pile of requests for help, Ashford saw the need to provide accessible tools. “I realized the need was far greater than what I could personally handle. Through SpiritShack’s online shop, my team and I can provide the necessary equipment for paranormal investigators and ghost hunters. These are the tools I use myself,” he explains.

Harnessing the Power of Cutting-Edge Paranormal Equipment

From top-notch night vision lights to EMF meters, SpiritShack’s paranormal equipment is second to none. Gathering evidence is pivotal in these investigations, and the right tools can make a substantial difference. Despite the theoretical possibility of conducting an investigation without equipment, obtaining substantial evidence, particularly video footage, would be significantly limited. Paranormal investigators value their tools as much as their expertise and experience.

The Advanced HexCom, a device conceived and crafted by the SpiritShack team, is one of their latest innovations. This WordBank word generator is specially designed to facilitate communication with spirits. It boasts a built-in EMF meter, enabling spirits to select from over 2,000 words. Chosen words appear on a large, brightly lit color screen and are audibly spoken through an integrated speaker. The HexCom displays the last nine selected words, replacing them sequentially with new words. Its bright display and wide viewing angle ensure readability from any angle.

Designed for accuracy and ease of use, the HexCom’s compact size offers portability, easily fitting into most pockets. Its rechargeable battery requires just four hours of charging for up to eight hours of continuous use, making it an ideal companion for an entire investigation.

Delivering Unmatched Customer Service

Regardless of age, gender, or location, Ashford and his SpiritShack team are committed to providing exceptional customer service. Their extensive knowledge and experience underpin their ability to offer expert guidance to fellow ghost hunters and enthusiasts.

“We take great pleasure in ghost hunting ourselves, crafting the equipment, and supporting others in the field,”Ashford shares. “Through our work, we aim to spark greater interest in the paranormal, serving thousands of clients annually.” This commitment to excellence is reflected in SpiritShack’s stellar client feedback, with a 4.8 Trustpilot rating and a 5.0 Trustindex rating from thousands of reviews.

With continuous innovation and the addition of witchcraft supplies like cauldrons and wands to its paranormal equipment repertoire, SpiritShack seeks to advance research in the paranormal field. Through a combination of the right equipment, vast experience in the paranormal, and a keen analytical eye, SpiritShack is evolving from an online store for ghost hunters into a beacon guiding the path in the world of the paranormal.

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