Some Homer Simpson of the Matrix has decided to break down the particulars of various major social media outlets using the round, yellow cartoon patriarch's favorite food: donuts. For those who Facebook with trepidation, tweet (we prefer saying “twit”) irregularly, and generally lose their minds when contemplating the vast sea of connecting possibilities technology has birthed, the donut thing works pretty well.

Appropriately, the Internet has kicked the picture around enough over the past few days (we're only guessing here) for others to chime in, expanding the array of social networks to be donut-ified. We can't tell who is responsible, but that feels appropriate too. Tumblr? “This is a really beautiful photo of a high-end donut.” Reddit? “There is a conspiracy in the donut industry.” 4Chan? “Donut. Hole. LOL.” We'd like to do our part by going old-school. Craigslist? “Will sublet part of my donut in exchange for sexual favors.” Myspace? “Check out my stale donut with full band at the Tea Bag next Tuesday evening.”

Why donuts? We're not sure, but weirdly nothing else works as well.

Social Media Explained With Donuts; Credit: ?

Social Media Explained With Donuts; Credit: ?

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