Shravan Bansal is ambitious to end the UK’s economic crisis with his metal recycling company.

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Metal recycling should be a common practice in economically developed economies since it uses less energy than metal production. It is not only significant for the economy but has become a necessity for environmental sustainability as the world witness serious climate changes. The continuous recycling of metal doesn’t interfere with the quality of metal. Instead, it reduces the companies’ production costs while saving a vast amount of energy and natural resources. Recycling metals is a much friendlier alternative than other forms of disposal, as it cuts down emissions occurring during production, which results in minimizing air pollution. In big economies, metal recycling can work as a tool for a sustainable future as it allows industries to utilize metals in a more versatile manner without deteriorating the atmosphere.

Despite being the 5th largest economy in the world, the United Kingdom is going through an economic catastrophe as the country relies entirely on imports, neither manufacturing nor recycling the metal. According to the reports, the UK is spending £600bn on metal imports, making them one of the largest importers. This uneven trade balance might cause severe problems for them in the near future, as 20% of the country’s GDP has been spent on bringing metals from other countries.

Capitalizing on the opportunity to revolutionize metal recycling in the UK and India, Shravan Bansal came out as a knight in shining armour. With his third generational recycling company and state of the art technology, Shravan aims to end the economic crisis of the UK by saving a considerable amount of money that the country spends on duties. Shravan believes that metal acts as the spine of an industry’s operations, eventually determining its growth. According to him, importing metals from other countries has many consequences, and economic recession is just one of them. To sustain the growing economy, the government should immediately focus on recycling and manufacturing of metals. Otherwise, it might fail like third-world Asian countries if it continues to pay loads of money in importing metals.

The founder of UK’s premium battery recycling company, Shravan Bansal, started his professional career in a fund management company with an internship. After serving as a junior fund manager in the same company, he stepped in his family business to expand its operations. Born with entrepreneurial skillset and inspired by his late father, Shravan Bansal always wanted to achieve big. Carrying forward his father’s legacy, Shravan founded a metal recycling company to make the world sustainable and has been recognized as one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs by the Lobby (top 100 businesses). Keeping regard to his determination, strong mindset, and vision, many big giants are willing to invest in his company

Metal recycling is not only a sustainable business for the environment but is a need of the hour. As the world, especially the UK, is going through an unreal climate change, it is highly appreciated that technology-driven industrialists like Shravan Bansal are coming out and taking the responsibility to make the environment sustainable. At his company AD leading limited, Shravan has keenly observed the problems with the current hydro separation method to recycle Lead Batteries. He understands the importance of natural resources and is familiar with the ongoing crisis, making him more determined to provide a safer environment. Nevertheless, Shravan is inspired to give the solution for increasing access to clean energy to provide the masses.

Furthermore, Shravan Bansal founded three companies, 2 in India and 1 in the UK. AD leading limited is a UK-based company working in five different domains; Technology and Engineering, Non-Ferrous recycling in OECD countries, battery recycling, Mining and Exploration and the last one is Distribution and Warehousing. It has state-of-the-art technology to recycle secondary and manufacture primary metals. The company is focused on conserving, recycling and inventing for the betterment of manhood. The company is moving towards a better and unprecedented future by reducing carbon footprints, reducing inflation by locally manufacturing and recycling the metal within the country, providing more job opportunities, and creating employment in the UK. This company plays a significant role in developing and growing the country’s GDP with its patented technology. Today the value of this company is £300m in the pre-revenue stage.

The founder says that the company has the potential to be one of the biggest companies in the world as it has been growing at the fastest pace. It is sustainable, providing cheaper metals, addressing inflation, increasing the country’s GDP, and providing employment.

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