Updated, June 25, 1:39 p.m.: We asked Choi if he was the owner or a partner, and he wrote back with some details: “I can tell you that the details don't matter about who owns what, just that it's being done in a neighborhood I love with a community I care about that loves me back. Consider this my new restaurant and I rep it all the way. It couldn't be done without the partners and the students tho. We have been serving these fruit drinks and such for two years here in South Central on the low and they've been a hit. If the stuff was whack, then we might not be at this point. Good flavor knows no bounds and this is just a small step to putting cafes and restaurants in the inner cities and growth for all. This is a wonderful day.”

Quotable and charismatic Los Angeles chef and activist Roy Choi has a flair for the dramatic, maybe thanks in part to his recent turn prepping actor Jon Favreau for a movie role. Yesterday, a post entitled “Fruit Tree” appeared on Choi's blog in which he promises, with the usual smoke-tinged poetry, “a first step to a world where what we know may not be true anymore … where food is not the challenge, it's what prepares you for the challenge.”

Choi goes on to invite all comers to the July 6 opening celebration of a small smoothie shop and cafe on South Central Avenue, not far from its intersection with Jefferson Boulevard.

The new enterprise, 3 Worlds Cafe, is a collaboration among Choi, the neighborhood-based Coalition for Responsible Community Development, fruit conglomerate Dole Packaged Foods and nearby Jefferson High School.

Given Choi's work with youth at A Place Called Home, we're guessing the purpose of 3 Worlds is multifold — for starters, to empower the local high school students by teaching them culinary and perhaps business skills and also bringing a needed source of good, healthy food to an area where it has not historically been easily accessible. Choi notes in his post that this is a “first step to a two-year dream,” suggesting 3 Worlds may be no isolated endeavor.

We have no insight about the menu, but we're guessing some Kogi-esque options will pop up. To get the full-blown skinny, head over to 3310 S. Central next Saturday at noon.

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