Here's a post-Valentine's Day love affair to whet your appetite. Kogi/A-Frame/Chego/Sunny Spot impresario Roy Choi and Campanile/Tar Pit maven Mark Peel will join forces for a one-night food and music mashup on Feb. 29.

While Pollyn's Adam Jay Weissman spins tunes in the Tar Pit lounge, Choi and Peel will dish out a special menu that includes a choucroute kimchi made with spicy ginger pork sausage, Choi's “choice burger” (8 oz. dry-aged beef patty, Plugrá butter, caramelized onions and aged cheddar), abalone risotto and matcha green tea granita for dessert.

Choi, who is a big fan of Peel's, says, “[Mark] is a walking encyclopedia and a triple O.G. in the food game here in LA. I used to eat at Campanile A LOT before I ever became a chef. It's kind of like breaking the fourth wall cooking with a legend I look up to, but fuck it, why not? We gonna wreck some shit, come through!” So they shall.

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