One of Europe's bigger restaurant chains, the Belgian-based Quick is known for its mildly outlandish, limited-run sandwiches. Highlights include a burger topped with foie gras, a heart-shaped bun with two cheese-logged patties, and a salsa-topped burger. However, the latest entries really blast off into the stratosphere — to a galaxy far, far away.

Yes, that's correct. Quick's new burgers are Star Wars-themed: The Dark Maul Burger, the Jedi Burger, and the Dark Vador Burger.

Based on the photos we've seen, we're especially taken with the latter two. The Jedi Burger has some orange-flecked sauce bobbing around the patties and a layer of what look like mini-marshmallows or baby teeth lined up below the top half of the bun. The Dark Vador Burger's bun is black — not merely well-toasted, but dad-dropped-it-in-the-campfire-shut-up-and-eat-it-anyway-black, carbonized, as grim in appearance as its heavy-breathing namesake. Its featured condiment looks Thousand Island-ish, but what do we know. From January 31st until early March, anyone on that side of the pond can find out first-hand by ducking into a French or Belgian location and playing guinea pig.

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