Do not be alarmed by the words “experimental music.” Ad Hoc #2: David Watson & David Grubbs: A Sonic Exploration of the Beacon Arts Building is not that kind of experimental, although there will be bagpipes. It's presented by the acclaimed group SASSAS (Society for the Activation of Social Space Through Art and Sound), a collective of interdisciplinary artists who do just what the name says — explore the potential of nontraditional public and architectural spaces to be transformed by site-specific musical interventions. For Ad Hoc #2, Watson and Grubbs have organized new works for several players, inspired by the offbeat character and variety of size and shape of the rooms, at Inglewood's Beacon Arts Building, a former storage facility now featuring a gallery and studio spaces, as well as a vast industrial fourth floor with unique acoustics that plays a starring role in the concert. The first-floor gallery is currently exhibiting a group show curated by David Pagel, which includes work that itself responds to ideas about alternative realities and flights of fancy.

Sat., Feb. 26, 2011

LA Weekly