Promoting Green Development In China

Screenshot 2022 11 17 at 9.46.22 AM As the world progresses, more harm is imposed upon it in the shape of various tragedies, and we have lately witnessed how negatively it has affected some sections of the world. It is past time for people to recognize that we have taken a lot from the world and that it is now time to take care of it and return what we have taken.

If we stick to the same pattern and continue to make our businesses function against the natural order of the Earth, the patterns and trends will not look good in the future. This ordeal has given rise to climate change and pushed policies such as “carbon peaking” and “carbon neutrality,” which is not a positive omen. It has also provided prospective chances for business development. Few people are attempting to restore the Earth to a more habitable state, and one of these names is Jerry Cristoforo and his colleagues, who founded GreenPrizm Technology.

Make Earth Green Again Through GreenPrizm

GreenPrizm is all about creating a framework that fits with the global framework so that none of the factors impact one another. GreenPrizm employs the basic framework of the self-developed GreenPrizm platform, which is built on the core team’s extensive knowledge and resources in risk modeling, credit rating, financial technology, and asset management. It offers data-driven services such as Green certification, green reporting, energy consumption optimization, green financial consultancy, and other services to businesses, governments, and investors, as well as innovative technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Cristoforo JerryEVP Photo

Prospective establishment of a “green database”

Jerry Cristoforo is the  mastermindarchitect behind this. Jerry stated that global climate change is becoming more severe and that governments have set their own mid- and long-term greenhouse gas emission objectives. With the introduction of the “double carbon,” “period, a need for trillions of yuan in green investment is going to develop. “With such a large investment requirement, depending just on the Chinese government and local private funding is insufficient. The active engagement of international capital may be significant. However, there is a problem: due to a lack of globally recognized “green infrastructure,” international capital finds it difficult to engage in the massive Chinese green investment sector.

How can a bridge be built to connect capital and market, therefore assisting in the achievement of the “dual carbon” aim as well as transparent green industrial transformation? GreenPrizm researched current issues and developed this infrastructure to meet the demands of green development. It has created a “green database” by collecting data from many sources using a uniform standard and basing all of its functions on it. It is constructed on the foundation of industry and the wider Greater Bay Area. To create a comprehensive “green infrastructure” capable of supporting advanced research and commercial applications, as well as to build a set of internationally recognized green investment criteria.

GreenPrizm is changing the game with its original approach, and no one can thank Jerry Cristoforo and his colleagues enough. This new technology will undoubtedly aid the Earth in maintaining homeostasis and will enable corporations to collaborate with technology that benefits the Earth.

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