In 2010 South African songstress Katherine Mills Rymer met Danish composer Jenno Bjørnkjær while he was working on music for Lars Von Trier's Melancholia. From then on, it was clear the two were headed for a dark and dreamy soundtrack of their own.

After Bjørnkjær wooed Rymer with his moody, romantic solo recordings, the couple got engaged, relocated to Los Angeles. As OOFJ –  “Orchestra of Jenno” – they released Disco to Die to in 2013, the mournful, elegant debut LP they wrote in the wake Rymer's father's death. (The Prague Symphony Orchestra appears on the work as well.)

Since then Rymer and Bjørnkjær have been working on their sophomore album, due out this fall. The first single, “Snakehips,” is brooding, sure, but also “smooth, slim and how you feel drunk,” in Rymer's words. 
The track is named for the “Snakehips” dance style made popular in the 1920s and 30s by “the human boa constrictor,” Earl Tucker, and video features clips of Tucker swiveling in the 1930's short film Crazy House. It was quite provocative for the time. In the background you'll notice women's mouths, hips, breasts, etc., that Tucker slithers in-between.

West Coast Sound is proud to debut the “Snakehips” video below.

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