If you've been concerned lately that a hip flask full of gin is just too classy and a mini-bottle of vodka perhaps too bulky for your on-the-go needs, we might have a solution. It's called Pocket Shot, and it's a plastic pouch full of hootch. Think Capri Sun, but without any claims of nutritional value.

We tried four varieties that we found for sale in liquor stores on the Westside. The best of the batch was the dark rum, which was sweet and spicy and mixed nicely with a cold cola. The vodka, on the other hand, was a total mess; it smelled and tasted like a plastic milk jug of rubbing alcohol and produced a momentary round of coughing.

The tequila was okay if you like a mellow somewhat mild tequila. And the Bourbon was surprisingly good, with hearty woodsy notes and a hint of vanilla. Should you care about things like that as you're draining a plastic sleeve of alcohol that you surreptitiously slipped out of your jeans? Maybe. Maybe not.

The 1.6 ounce shot containers are less than $3.00 and do live up to their billing as being almost indestructible — which is an added bonus when you're taking them out on the town. They certainly didn't pop when poked, prodded or sat upon. When it comes time to open them though, there are no problems, the top tears right off. The durability makes it an easy to smuggle beverage, too. We didn't test if they can go through airport security, but next time flying-anxiety takes hold, these might be a good alternative to paying retail at the terminal bar.

Yes, there is an innate tackiness factor to the whole premise, but if you're committed to imbibing in the great outdoors, or in a situation where hauling around empties or littering might be an issue (read: everywhere), these have a certain advantage. The packaging doesn't weigh a thing and they can be emptied and put back in your pocket to recycle later.

So grab a few for your next long bike ride or flight, and see what you think. Brings a whole new meaning to the expression booze-bag.

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