Plastic Jesus’ First-Ever Solo Art Show Guilty Pleasures Spans Four Days

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This piece is not only a criticism of celebrities, it is also intended to critcise us, the consumer as it is people like us that make them famous…

Through recent years of recognition for his controversial and striking work, Plastic Jesus has garnered international attention and popularity from his spectacular pieces. His work satirically uncovers real-world societal issues in the world today.

As his work grows and gains further appreciation, new opportunities have surfaced for the talented artist.

His newest venture is right around the corner. From November 17th through November 20th, Plastic Jesus is hosting his first-ever solo art show exhibition: GUILTY PLEASURES, at The LA Art Box in Los Angeles. The Exclusive VIP opening event takes place on Thursday, November 17th, and then continues the following three days, with free access to the public.

This show will feature art pieces never seen before from Plastic Jesus and some of his most famous works with multiple media features.

The artist draws much of his inspiration from current events and states, “My art is intended to convey an opinion, or at least make people consider their own opinion. Negative feedback is as good as positive feedback. If I’m pissing some people off, I’m doing something right.” His impactful art turns many heads and is sure to have significant societal influence.

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GUILTY PLEASURES is an impressive accumulation of years of hard work, and creativity Plastic Jesus has dedicated. He aims to highlight societal problems and American culture as a whole. He understands the importance of grabbing the attention of viewers in a captivating way to spark needed discourse. His work are considered statements, and millions are paying attention.

Previous artwork of Plastic Jesus includes Donald Trump’s mini wall around the Hall of Fame star. This piece symbolizes the ongoing discussion of the border wall that President Trump had plans to build. He mentions in a 2016 news article that the goal of this piece is to comment on and critique Trump’s public statements and views against immigrants.

Other prior work of his includes the bulletproof desk displayed in the children’s section at Target. His aim with this controversial display was to highlight the emergent and grave topic of school shootings and our country’s lack of appropriate response to the crisis.

He has been represented and featured at countless galleries worldwide, including the Smithsonian in DC.

Collectors of Plastic Jesus’ work include Miley Cyrus, The Kardashians, and Harry Styles.

For more information on Plastic Jesus and his upcoming show GUILTY PLEASURES, visit here.

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